Performing a factory reset on the Smart Access Management tablet

If you make any changes to the Smart Access Management web portal that affect your tablet, you need to refresh the Kiosk app.
Products Affected: Smart Access ManagementĀ®

Perform a factory reset on your Smart Access Management tablet to return it to its out of box settings.

Important: Only perform this task if instructed by a Pitney Bowes service representative.

  1. Swipe down from the top right of the tablet. The notification panel appears. Tap Settings.
    Notification panel
  2. Scroll down the left hand pane and tap General management.
    Tap General management
  3. Scroll down the right hand pane and tap Reset.
    Tap reset
  4. Scroll down the right hand pane and tap Factory data reset.
    Tap factory data reset
  5. In the right hand pane, tap Reset and follow any on-screen prompts.
    Tap reset

UPDATED: 21 March 2024