Smart Access Management Release Notes version 1.79.0 (17 April 2024)

Smart Access Management Release Notes for version 1.79.0 (17 April 2024)
Products Affected: Smart Access ManagementĀ®

New Features & Enhancements

Kiosk app now checks for Bluetooth connection to thermometer

If Body Temperature Settings are enabled in Access Sites, the kiosk app will automatically check and prompt if the required Bluetooth and location services are not enabled.

Enhancements to the temperature checking feature

If temperature checking is enabled for the staff sign-in workflow, the kiosk will now perform a temperature check for staff who present their QR code from the companion app.

Improvements to the kiosk sign out process

Previously the kiosk sign-out screen displayed all methods (e.g. email, phone, employee ID), now the methods displayed will reflect the Sign-In Precondition configured in staff and visitor workflows.

Issues Fixed

Closing the kiosk app disconnected the thermometer

Previously the Bluetooth thermometer was disconnected when the kiosk app was closed, now it will remain connected.

Temperature was not displayed to a denied visitor

Previously, when a visitor was denied because their temperature exceeded the configured limit their temperature was not displayed, now their temperature is displayed before being denied.

UPDATED: 19 April 2024