Loading an insert feeder on the Relay 5000-8000

Learn how to load an insert feeder on the Relay 5000, Relay 6000, Relay 7000 and Relay 8000.
Products affected: Relay 5000™, Relay 6000™, Relay 7000™, Relay 8000™
Watch this video to learn how to load an insert feeder, or follow the directions after the video.

To load the insert tray:
  1. Fan your material prior to loading.
  2. Lift up on the blue handle lifting the feed head wheels.
  3. Place material into the bottom of the sheet feeder.
  4. Adjust the side guides to within 1/8 inch (3mm) of the material.
  5. Lower the blue handle so the feed rollers contact the material.

UPDATED: 29 May 2024