Smart Access Management Release Notes version 1.83.0 (13 June 2024)

Smart Access Management Release Notes for version 1.83.0 (13 June 2024)
Products Affected: Smart Access ManagementĀ®

New Features & Enhancements

Multi-Tenancy subscription

Added a new subscription for users who require multi-tenancy. The multi-tenant plan will help the Facility Manager onboard multiple tenants for a single Facility Manager. Using the Multi-Tenancy plan, users can add, edit, and delete tenants.

Read more about Setting up Tenant Onboarding.

Reception Bell

A reception bell has been added to the Kiosk homepage for visitors to request assistance. When the bell is pressed, the visitor will be asked if they require assistance. If confirmed, an image will be captured, and an alert will be sent to the Admin to inform them of the visitor's presence.

App refresh message

Added a message confirming the success or failure of the app refresh. If the refresh is unsuccessful, users will be given the option to retry.

Increased temperature pop-up window duration

Increased the time the temperature pop-up window is displayed from three to seven seconds.

Issues Fixed

Kiosk icons overlapping

There was an issue with the Kiosk icons overlapping. This issue has been resolved.

Profile page not displayed in companion app

The Profile page was not displaying in the companion app. This issue has been resolved.

UPDATED: 14 June 2024