Connecting your meter to the Internet

Learn how to connect your Pitney Bowes meter to the internet to ensure you get the fastest and best performance from your postage meter.

Having trouble adding funds, download, or completing data capture?

Use our guided assistance tool to narrow down your connection problem and fix it quickly without having to wait on the phone for a live agent. The tool asks you questions to guide you to a solution to your specific problem in less than 10 minutes.

Go to the Guided Assistance Tool. Click Close and return to the support page anywhere in the tool to return to this page.


Why connect?

You must connect your meter to Pitney Bowes in order to add postage, update meter software, update postal rates and perform other essential tasks. There are several types of connection methods you may use, depending upon your meter model.


For connection support, select your meter below:

Meters with integrated connectivity

All other meters

UPDATED: 2 March 2023