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A Culture of Innovation: The Right Thing the Right Way
Pitney Bowes is a global shipping and mailing company focused on providing technology and logistics solutions to streamline and improve business shipping operations.
03/13/23Customer Experience
Meeting the Challenge of Technical Service Delivery Today
Finding technical talent is increasingly difficult while client expectations for great service continue to rise.
09/20/22Customer Experience
Finding the Perfect Partner for Service Support and Delivery
Providing excellent customer service and user experience is a game-changer in business today.
03/07/22Customer Experience
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#m read02/25/22Customer Experience
How any organization can show value early and often to its clients
It doesn’t matter what role or job function you have – or where in the world your clients are — you must start with their definition of value, so you can deliver it to them from Day 1
3m read10/04/21Customer Experience
Fundamental to ongoing business success: Earning and building trust
On the heels of our transformation into shipping and ecommerce logistics, ensuring we have the trust of our clients is key to our next chapter.
3m read10/04/21Customer Experience
Exceeding CX expectations through data and humanity
It doesn’t matter what role or job function you have — when it comes to CX it’s about understanding the client, anticipating their needs, and then going the extra mile and, simply put, delighting them.
3m read10/03/21Customer Experience
Innovation Means Putting Clients at the Center
LUMA Institute’s CEO, Chris Pacione, took to the virtual stage with Ruth Frank (VP, Experience Design) to tell the story of collaboration and change at Design Thinking Virtual Experience 2020.
2m read08/20/21Customer Experience
Customer Experience: A critical factor for achieving success
Customer experience has been an important topic at Graph Expo 2016. At the Xplor event, sponsored by Pitney Bowes, Matt Swain of InfoTrends moderated a panel focused on the importance of delivering exceptional customer service by understanding customer expectations.
3m read10/05/16Customer Experience
Ongoing innovation and learning leads to satisfying client outcomes
Creating great outcomes require sophisticated craftsmanship & innovation. Expertise in tech, APIs, IoT, and advanced analytics are all important parts of the equation.
4m read01/20/16Customer Experience