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Transactional and Promotional Mailing: The Winning Combo in Marketing
Boost your business growth with strategic transactional and promotional mailing.
2m read12/07/23Postage Savings
Making the Most of USPS Bulk Mail: Your Guide to Savings and Efficiency
Unlock USPS Bulk Mail Savings: Learn presorting requirements, minimums, and permit insights. Optimize efficiency with our guide for cost-effective mail campaigns.
4m read12/06/23Postage Savings
Enhancing Reach with Integrated Direct Mail Marketing in Education
Elevate education marketing with Pitney Bowes: Integrated Direct Mail for targeted outreach, cost savings, and impactful engagement. Your trusted partner for seamless, efficient strategies.
2m read12/05/23Mailing
Streamline Your Mailing with Pitney Bowes Presort Services
Optimize your mailing with Pitney Bowes Presort Services. Save on costs, enhance delivery, and stay compliant with our nationwide reach.
4m read12/05/23Operational Efficiency
Enhancing Reach with Integrated Direct Mail Marketing For Non-Profits
Maximize outreach and fundraising for non-profits with Pitney Bowes' Integrated Direct Mail Marketing. Streamline processes, reduce costs, and boost donations with our presort services. Your trusted partner for impactful and cost-efficient strategies.
1m read12/04/23Mailing
US Postal Service® Bulk Mail Requirements
Learn the ins and outs of USPS® presort requirements—from how many pieces of mail qualify for bulk rate to acquiring a USPS bulk mail permit.