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Drumroll, please: The winners of the 2022 BOX awards
We recognize online retailers who demonstrate excellence in three pillars of the ecommerce order experience: Checkout, Tracking, and Unboxing.
5m read10/06/2022BOXpoll
The North Pole is floating off Long Beach
Despite supply chain issues, many consumers are holding out for better holiday deals
5m read11/16/2021BOXpoll
Mid-term report cards
Halfway to peak 2021 and amid pandemic recovery, we asked consumers to grade their online order experiences by retail category.
3m read06/22/2021BOXpoll
Report card time: how did consumers grade peak season?
Consistently more than half of consumers shopped online each week through peak. While 1 in 4 experienced delivery delays, most seem to have graded retailers on a curve.
4m read01/15/2021BOXpoll