Subscription Services

Let our expert services and support maximize performance.

Key Benefits

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Increase Efficiency
Let the Pitney Bowes team of experts support your business technology.
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Faster ROI
Utilize our expertise to bring the benefits of technology to your business faster.
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Operational Excellence
Leverage our services to help solve your business and resource challenges.
Focus on your core business. We’ll handle the rest.

Our offers and How it Works:

Premier Support

Pitney Bowes understands technology investments help you drive business outcomes. Premier Support lets you focus on your business goals while we provide ongoing support for your technology investments.

  • Access a specialized network with deep knowledge of Pitney Bowes shipping and mailing solutions
  • Maximize the value of your investment by quickly resolving issues, answering questions and gaining additional productivity from your technology

Administration Subscription Services

Backed by over a century of customer service experience, our dedicated specialists can execute administration tasks for you to create a quicker, more streamlined process. 

  • Our shipping solutions software experts seamlessly handle all aspects of administration
  • Timely administration management ensures seamless workflows and helps maximize return on investment from your Pitney Bowes Shipping technology

Remote/Ongoing Training Services

Remote sessions—scheduled at your convenience—educate employees on everything they need to know to optimize equipment performance and productivity.

  • Our team of experts share their in-depth understanding and knowledge of our software performance capabilities​
  • Capitalize on over 100 years of shipping, mailing and technology expertise to stay ahead of your competition

Plan for success with Pitney Bowes Managed Services.