Business Continuity Solutions

How prepared is your organization to navigate disruption to critical processes?

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Maximize Cash Flow

Our solutions ensure communications are sent on time, without interruption, so that the collection of revenue continues.
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Improve Efficiency

Our solutions help you streamline processes securely and efficiently allowing you to focus on more pressing items.
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Mitigate Risk

Our solutions ensure the ability to maintain mission critical operations during unexpected disruptions.
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Prepare for the Future

Our solutions prepare you for success tomorrow and in the future while maintaining the flexibility you need today.
Did you know?
of companies across the globe don’t have a business continuity or disaster recovery plan in place.
of companies without a comprehensive business continuity plan fail to recover from a significant business interruption.
of companies with a business continuity and data back-up strategy are not prepared for events that can cause substantial cashflow delays.

SOURCE: Mercer Research Report 2023​

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[On-demand webinar] Building Resilience in Mailing Operations

Whether it’s a rise in peak mail volumes, equipment failures, redundancy issues or other business interruptions, our experts discuss the importance of a business continuity plan and what solutions can help future-proof your business from these costly disruptions.

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Business Continuity Considerations for Mailing Operations

mailstream on demand
Offsite solutions: Mailstream On Demand

Mailstream On Demand features print-to-mail service that continues the job regardless of impacts due to staff, office, plant or equipment challenges. Rest assured, your communications including critical revenue collection correspondence will be sent.

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Valet Services
Onsite solutions: Professional Services

Pitney Bowes Service has offerings to keep your mailing and shipping operations functioning smoothly. From PowerGuard, Critical Parts Recovery or Preventative Maintenance plans, to on-site technical support, we have ways for you to maximize your productivity and avoid costly disruptions.

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Pitney Analytics
Insight solutions: PitneyAnalytics®

Predictive analytics tools analyze historical and current data to anticipate future events and outcomes. An analytic solution like PitneyAnalytics, helps you predict times of peak mail volumes and plan for natural disasters or business interruptions. 

Discover PitneyAnalytics®

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