Intelligent Mail Indicia & DM Infinity

Intelligent Mailing Indicia (IMI) is the next generation of metered indicia technology, designed to ensure your metered mail meets current USPS® compliance guidelines. The upcoming USPS IMI technology requirements will impact your current DM Infinity meter.

Pitney Bowes has you covered

We know how integral mailing is to your operation and we are excited to announce our newest solution that meets both your needs and USPS® regulations.

Pitney Bowes’ new postal compliant solution is an Enhanced Permit Device that can be swapped with your current Indicia meter.

To inform the design of this solution, we’ve spoken with several DM Infinity clients to better understand your challenges and requirements. In response, we have crafted a suitable solution, keeping both the USPS and BlueCrest teams up to speed.

The Enhanced Permit solution will allow for the optional printing of a date as well as a tie into Pitney Bowes Accounting systems such as Business Manager or PitneyAnalytics® or the BlueCrest DFWorks® solution.

This device will not print indicia however, the Enhanced Permit printing will be compliant with the USPS.

What does IMI mean?

The postage block that your DM Infinity prints on the upper right-hand corner of each mail piece is referred to as indicia. Currently, your DM Infinity meter prints an Information-Based Indicia (IBI).

IMI or Intelligent Mail Indicia, the next generation of metered indicia technology, replaces the current IBI (Information Based Indicia) performance standard.

As of June 2026, the USPS will require postage meter users to adhere to their new performance standards for indicia printed mail and you will no longer be able to use non-IMI compliant postage meters, such as your DM Infinity. This means that your current DM Infinity meter will need to be replaced with an alternate solution. 

Is there anything I need to do now?

Effective June 30, 2024, the use of Information Based Indicia (IBI) meter technology will be discontinued. The DM Infinity meter has been granted an extension from the USPS, however,

You must take action to download the new IMI indicia for your DM Infinity meter to comply with the USPS regulations before June 30, 2024.

To meet the requirements of this extension, you are required to update your indicia to be IMI-compliant by connecting your meter and downloading the new indicia.

If you haven’t already done so, please follow the steps below to adhere to the USPS requirements:

  • Simply connect your DM Infinity as you would for a postage update or refill and perform a “Get Postage by Phone Balance” function.
  • A message will display stating there is a software update available. Select "Get Update Now" to download the update.
  • During this connection, your indicia will be updated to the new IMI version below. We encourage you to connect and download the new indicia by June 30, 2024, failure to do so could result in your mail being rejected.
  • This update serves as a temporary solution to meet USPS requirements under the approved extension specifically for DM Infinity meters only. Ultimately, your meter will need to be replaced by June 2026.

When will USPS require non-IMI devices to be removed from the market?

Please note that your DM Infinity meter is required to adhere to the USPS requirements by June 2026. You may learn of other USPS deadlines for other types of Pitney Bowes mailing solutions.

Here is a snapshot of key dates to remember.

Pitney Bowes Postage Meter dates:

SendPro P-Series / Connect+ mailing systems DM Infinity™

December 31, 2027: SendPro® P-Series/Connect+ mailing systems will be withdrawn from service through a USPS-approved extension no later than this date.

To remain compliant with new USPS technology requirements, you will need to migrate to an IMI-compliant solution at the end of your current agreement. Check out our new and improved, IMI-compliant SendPro MailCenter for the latest in sending technology.

June 30, 2026: Your DM Infinity™ will be withdrawn from service at this time.

The good news is we have a replacement solution available. The Enhance Permit Device can be easily swapped with your current DM Infinity Solution.

All other IBI Meters  
June 30, 2024: IBI meters will be decertified, and no new contracts, leases or rentals can be created after this date. Meters can continue to be used until December 2024 after which they will be withdrawn from service.  

What is the replacement solution?

Pitney Bowes’ new postal compliant solution is an Enhanced Permit Device that can be swapped with your current Indicia meter.

The Enhanced Permit solution will:

  • Allow for the optional printing of a date
  • Seamlessly ties into Pitney Bowes Accounting systems such as Business Manager or PitneyAnalytics® or the BlueCrest DFWorks® solution
  • Meets USPS requirements for compliance however the device will not print indicia

Pitney Bowes has you covered.

Your CCM Specialist will be in touch shortly to introduce you to the new Enhanced Permit Device.  Pitney Bowes will make this transition as smooth as possible.  If you have any questions, please contact your CCM Specialist.

What do I need to do to prepare for this change?

There is no immediate action necessary, however, if you are currently paying for your Permit Mail through the USPS, you now have options to pay directly through Pitney Bowes.

You will benefit from the ability to manage multiple permits, multiple sites or multiple mailings through one account. You can even consolidate your permit postage onto the same account you use for your meter postage versus managing two separate accounts with Pitney Bowes and the USPS.

The good news is that you can begin this process right away. If you would like to add Permit Accounts through the USPS we can help.

If you are interested in learning more about these flexible payment methods that can meet your needs, please contact

Additional FAQs

Will the new solution print permit and indicia?

No. The new Enhanced Permit Device will print a Permit imprint in line on the inserter. There will no longer be an indicia printing device.

We use an Accounting solution for job chargebacks to internal departments or end users, will the new solution work with our Postage Accounting solution?

Yes. The Enhanced Permit Solution will work with Pitney Bowes Business Manager, PitneyAnalytics® and Bluecrest DF Works Accounting Solutions.

What is needed to transition the new Enhance Permit Device to our existing postage Accounting solution ?

A Pitney Bowes technician will replicate the accounting profiles on your current DM Infinity Meter to the Enhanced Permit Solution.

I have old Infinity meters that we are currently not using with unused funds on them. How can we get our funds back?

Please ask your Pitney Bowes Account Manager to open a case. 

A Pitney Bowes technician will visit your site to retire the meter from service and connect to the Pitney Bowes infrastructure to return unused funds to the original source of funding. The funds should be returned on the account within 24-48 hours.

If for some reason the meter is unable to connect to the Pitney Bowes infrastructure, the meter will go to the Pitney Bowes specialty returns area to have the funds withdrawn from the meter and refunded to the original source of funding. This is estimated to take between 6-8 weeks.


The DMM says that all Permit Mail must be separated by weight. How will this change our processes?

For First Class Letter mail, the 1 - 3.5 oz Permit Mail using the Enhanced Permit solution may all be combined for mailers utilizing seamless acceptance when the volume is being submitted under discounted presort weights.

Do I have to separate my flats by weight?

There are a few options for flats:

A) the mailpieces must be separated and identified by weight break.

B) Calculate the weight, apply a keyline and have your presort provider use that keyline in their processing.

C) Engage your presort provider about them utilizing weight on the way processing in their sortation process.

Do I need a new mailing base for my inserter from Bluecrest?

If your system has the updated print engine base, with the HP print axis, no upgrade is required to the base on the console inserter.

How do I know if I have the upgraded print engine?

The updated base utilizes the following consumables:

Item # SL-775P HP 775P Print Head Replacement for Upgraded DM Infinity Systems

Item # SL-7741 HP 771 Black Ink Cartridge for Upgraded DM Infinity Systems

If you are using ink or print heads that are not reflected above, then you have the prior version of the mailing base and an upgrade is required. Please contact your Bluecrest representative.

What is needed for to change to the current meter to the Enhanced Permit Solution?

We will work with each client individually to ensure a seamless and successful transition.

What if my inserter lease ends after June 2026?

The DM Infinity meter is on a rental agreement. A new agreement for the Enhanced Permit solution will be created.

I mail international. Does this new solution support all classes of mail?

International mail and classes with tracking (Certified, signature confirmation, tracking) cannot use Permit imprint. You will be able to process these with your SendPro® P-Series or SendPro MailCenter Mailing System.

Will the cost per print increase?

By utilizing the in line Enhanced Permit offering, there is no need for warehousing/inventory of preprinted permit envelopes and there isn’t a risk of someone loading the incorrect envelopes on the inserter.

The Enhanced Permit solution prints in line on blank envelopes on the inserter. Additionally, with the Enhanced Permit solution, you have the benefit of postage accounting solutions and a date printed in line.

Does the new solution use the same print heads and Ink as the DM Infinity indicia printing meter?

Yes. The updated base utilizes the following consumables:

Item # SL-775P HP 775P Print Head Replacement for Upgraded DM Infinity Systems

Item # SL-7741 HP 771 Black Ink Cartridge for Upgraded DM Infinity Systems