Law firms send smarter with Shipping 360™

Choose the best way to send, maintain records of receipt and bill to the right client matter number
We help legal firms automate how they ship
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Accurately bill and account for shipping costs

Law firms that charge back shipping and mailing costs and have heavy caseloads, can eliminate manual work around the charge back process. Save time gathering, assembling and distributing data and reports with simple automation rules.

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Pitneyanalytics Report

Improve the way you ship and receive case documents

Improve visibility into the total chain of custody, streamline manual accounting practices, reduce shipping costs, eliminate manual USPS® Return Receipts and limit the number of packages or accountable mail lost or misdirected within the firm.

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Built with legal firms in mind

Streamline the sending and tracking of critical documents with sending solutions from Pitney Bowes.
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Precise Analytics & Accounting

Automate the collection of shipping and mailing data and make managing client chargebacks, updating accounts easier and less prone to error.
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Efficient Certified Mail Process

Send Certified Mail with eRR at a discount, and have a simpler, more reliable way of keeping proof of delivery records.
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Accurate Receiving & Tracking

Never lose sight of where inbound items are and eliminate referring to manual paper logs to confirm who got the package.
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Multi-carrier Delivery Options

Easily rate shop across carriers and select the best delivery option for time-sensitive or cost-conscious shipments.
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