Smarter Receiving: Technology for Inbound Package Management

Shipping and receiving grow increasingly complex with the scale of an operation, but complex doesn’t have to mean complicated. There are intelligent software solutions that track inbound package and asset from arrival to delivery.

Global parcel shipping volume hit 159 billion in 2021 and is projected to reach 200 billion by 2025. Parcels per person have doubled in the past five years, and the number of parcels shipped is a mind-blowing 5,000 per second. All this leads to overcrowded mail centers, misplaced packages, and long package pickup lines.

Package management is critical to smooth, day-to-day business operations. The sheer volume of parcel deliveries can quickly overwhelm the mail center. How can your business manage packages and ensure nothing gets lost in the shuffle? Pitney Bowes has you covered.

Inbound tracking

PitneyTrack Inbound™ provides comprehensive tracking and visibility for inbound packages. Inbound tracking capabilities increase the understanding of incoming volume and ensures all packages are delivered on time and in the proper places. Inbound tracking capability increases understanding of incoming volume and ensures all packages arrive on time and in the proper place.

With comprehensive inbound shipping management software, employees responsible for incoming packages and important mail can quickly establish chain of custody. What just came in? Who is it for? When was it moved? Where is it now? How will you know when it has arrived where it needs to go? Answer all these questions, and quickly track down lost or misplaced packages, with an accessible, efficient cloud-based inbound package management platform. And with an actionable dashboard, available on desktop and mobile devices, important inbound package data is easy to find whenever, and wherever, it’s needed.

With PitneyTrack Inbound, you can streamline and simplify mail center management, inbound package tracking, and internal package delivery.

Self-Service Pickup as delivery

Smart lockers are an efficient solution for internal package management. With remote and hybrid work models taking hold across organizations everywhere and health concerns still prevalent on college and company campuses,smart lockers provide contactless delivery for students and remote or on-site employees. Smart lockers are secured at every hour of the day and are a convenient for recipients to pick up packages. When your mail center employees are dealing with a high volume of packages daily, smart lockers ease the burden on staff. With signature or even photo confirmation, pickups are tracked and help to eliminate packages to be lost or delivered to the wrong person.

ParcelPoint Smart Lockers ™ automatically sends email notifications to the recipients when their package is ready that includes a barcode or unique PIN for secure access. They provide an efficient and safe method for delivering inbound packages and streamline inbound package management for mail centers and offer safe, secure, and convenient pickup options for package recipients.

Smarter receiving

With package volumes increasing every day, getting your packages delivered quickly and accurately is more important than ever. Eliminate overcrowded mail centers and gain greater visibility on every package that comes into your organization, with smart receiving and delivery solutions from Pitney Bowes.

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