On-Premise Software License and On-Demand Subscription Services - U.S.

Updated: October 12, 2018

The terms referred to below apply to transactions in the United States only.  For terms outside the United States, please contact your Pitney Bowes representative.


If you ordered any of the following software products, your use of the product(s) will be governed by the terms (Last modified October 2018) located at www.pitneybowes.com/us/smb-terms/on-premise-software-license-terms-conditions.html: Arrival®, Arrival® Express, Business Manager, ConnectRight® Mailer, Envelope Designer Plus, Envelope Now, File-Based Processing Software, LobbyTrac™ Arrival® Visitor Tracking, Package Manager, Pitney Bowes Complete™ Delivery, PB First™, PC Meter Connect, PC Transfer Utility, Postal Manager, SendSuite® Desktop, SendSuite® Live, SendSuite® Tracking, and SendSuite® Xpress.  Please feel free to print the terms and conditions for your records.   The terms set out in the link above will supersede any shrink-wrap or click through agreement received with the product.


If you ordered any of the following products, your use of the product(s) will be governed by the terms (Last modified July 2018) located at www.pitneybowes.com/us/smb-terms/terms-of-use-on-demand-subscription-services.html  Cost Accounting, Enhanced Support Services, MyGraphics™ Designer System, pbSmart™ Codes, pbSmart™ Connect, pbSmartPostage™, Relay™ Communications Hub, SendPro® Enterprise, SendPro® Subscription, SendPro® Subscription with Equipment Lease, SendSuite® Tracking Online, and TrackmyMail®.


For the following products, the terms of use can be found by clicking the hyperlink opposite the name of the Licensed Product.

PlanetPress Suite® 7:  License Agreement and Maintenance Terms

PlanetPress Suite® Connect:  License Agreement and Maintenance Terms

PlanetPress:  Envelope Now      

AutoMail:   License Agreement


·        Terms prior to October 2018