Pitney Bowes Celebrates Innovation of the Year Awards 2024

Innovation lies at the heart of Pitney Bowes, driving transformative solutions and fostering a culture of creativity that spans over a century. This commitment to innovation was recently recognized as Pitney Bowes proudly joined Fortune's 2024 America’s Most Innovative Companies list, a testament to its enduring legacy as a pioneer in the industry.

Every year, Pitney Bowes celebrates its innovative spirit with a company-wide Innovation of the Year awards, a prestigious recognition event highlighting groundbreaking contributions across the company. This year’s ceremony was elevated by AI-assisted introductions, showcasing Pitney Bowes’ forward-looking approach to technology integration and innovation leadership.

These awards showcase exceptional achievements in three categories: Process Innovation, Continuous Innovation, and Disruptive Innovation.

Process Innovation

Process innovation is awarded to innovations that have changed how products and services are developed, delivered new approaches to the market, enabled production and service level improvements, reimagined client support or established processes that delivered critical changes for Pitney Bowes.

The top honor for Process Innovation this year was awarded to the UK and Ireland S4 Project from the Sending Technology Solutions Team. This ambitious initiative involved migrating from a 25-year-old legacy SAP system to the cutting-edge S4 Hana on Public Cloud. Completed in just nine months, this transformation not only modernized the region’s operations but also exemplified Pitney Bowes' commitment to efficiency and excellence for our clients and in our internal management processes.

The S4 project forced simplification and process innovation at levels possibly never seen before at Pitney Bowes, for example moving from over 1,400 cost centers to less than 100.

“This is a phenomenal use case of removing complexity and it should be replicated everywhere in the organization,” said Shemin Nurmohamed, EVP and President, Sending Technology Solutions. 

Continuous Innovation

The Continuous Innovation award is given to innovative work that was completed within existing Pitney Bowes solutions or services which substantially improves our value proposition to clients, our position versus competitors, or has a significant revenue and profit impact on Pitney Bowes.

This year, the Presort Services team won first place for their work in the automation and enhancements of the USPS Rate Change process. With the USPS moving to biannual rate cases, the team needed to conduct rate changes in a more systematic and automated fashion. While USPS compliance with postage rate changes has always been a priority, the frequency created challenges. The automated process helped save time and significantly improved the accuracy and approach in managing price changes, underscoring Pitney Bowes’ dedication to enhancing client value within existing solutions.

“This project has made the rate change process much easier, much more automated, and less error prone, allowing the teams to get to the heart of what we are trying to do here, which is make sure we are providing the right value to our clients,” said Debbie Pfeiffer, Executive Vice President and President, Pitney Bowes Presort Services about the win.

Disruptive Innovation

The Disruptive Innovation category consists of innovation that delivers new business models, or new industry ideas. Solutions that allow Pitney Bowes to enter new product categories or leverage new technologies or combinations of capabilities to enter a new market or client segment.

In a tie for top honors, the Disruptive Innovation award was shared by two outstanding entries.

The Presort Services Client Data initiative revolutionized client interactions by streamlining the processing of USPS-defined mail.dat files allowing clients to independently connect their internal files for the first time with a customer-facing interface for Presort Services to seamlessly process their mail.

Representing the Sending Technology Solutions team, the Marketplace Maximizer received first place for revolutionizing e-commerce growth for our clients. This Self-Serve Onboarding Platform empowers e-commerce growth by enabling seamless multi-channel expansion across over 50 online platforms, without requiring any coding skills. This is a great advantage for clients to expand their e-commerce platforms simply and quickly.

Whether a client is a seasoned retailer or just starting out, the Marketplace Maximizer equips merchants and brands with the tools and capabilities needed to expand their online presence globally, grow revenue and save time and resources in the process.


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