How Do I Know If I Need a USPS® shipping label?

Afraid you might be overspending on shipping? Unsure if what you’re sending qualifies for a USPS® shipping label? Here are some helpful FAQs and a guide to help you determine if what you’re sending qualifies and what packaging you should use.

Use a shipping label to access Commercial Base Pricing and get detailed delivery history and tracking for Priority Mail® and other USPS® package services. Pitney Bowes makes it easy to access these discounts with SendPro® Online/PitneyShip®. Below are the popular classes where you can save just by printing a USPS shipping label and receive detailed tracking information.

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USPS Ground Advantage™

(New service as of July 9)

The new USPS Ground Advantage service is an affordable and reliable way for you to ship packages up to 70 lbs in 2–5 business days. It combines Retail Ground®, First-Class Package®, and Parcel Select Ground® services (as well as returns options such as First-Class Package Return® service and Ground Returns) and is a perfect option for shippers of all sizes who want affordable domestic ground shipping.

  • 3 main Price Levels: Retail, Commercial, Cubic prices
  • Ounce-based pricing up to 15.999 oz and then price by pound up to 70lbs
  • $100 insurance included for both retail and commercial customers, USPS Ground Advantage outbound and return parcels
  • Package forwarding and return to sender endorsements
  • Free package pickup on the carrier’s route

The USPS has announced a transition period from July 9 – September 30, 2023 where they will process/deliver legacy products that are merging into Ground Advantage. Shippers will have this grace period to migrate how they label and manifest their packages to comply with the new requirements.

USPS Priority Mail®


Priority Mail services also include Weight-Based, Regional Rate and Flat Rate.

  • Delivery in 1-3 business days
  • Full tracking included
  • $100 insurance included
  • Save up to 89%* by printing a shipping label with SendPro Online/PitneyShip



USPS Priority Mail Cubic®


This dimension-rated service provides discounts on shipping for small packages (around the size of a shoebox), that weight up to 20 pounds.

  • Best deal for heavier small packages
  • Delivery in 1-3 business days
  • Full tracking included
  • $100 insurance included
  • Save up to 89%* by printing a shipping label with SendPro Online/PitneyShip

USPS Priority Mail Express®


This is the fastest services USPS offers, with overnight delivery available in urban areas, and 2-day delivery available in rural areas.

  • Fastest USPS service available
  • Delivery in 2 days or less, with money-back guarantee
  • Full tracking included
  • $100 insurance included
  • Save up to 16% by printing a shipping label with SendPro Online/PitneyShip

If you‘re still printing postage for Priority Mail using a meter tape, then you’re leaving money on the table.

Print a shipping label as shown below to receive discounts with Commercial Base Pricing.

Retail (Meter tape)

By printing a meter tape or taking your package directly to the post office, you are not eligible for discounts.


Commercial (Shipping label)

Automatically qualify to save up to 89%* with Commercial Base Pricing when you print shipping labels using SendPro Online/PitneyShip.

How do I know when to use a shipping label?

Use a shipping label to get the best pricing and detailed delivery history for Priority Mail® and other USPS package services. Almost anything you send over 13 ounces qualifies. Shipping labels provide virtually the same benefits and packaging options as using labels for carriers like UPS® and FedEx®, along with a similar process.

Why should I print a shipping label?

Get access to USPS rate discounts, which can help you save. (Discounts may vary based on choice of packaging, weight and ZIP Code™.) Finally, just like with UPS or FedEx, a shipping label helps ensure that the addresses and rates you pay for your chosen services are accurate. This eliminates guesswork that can cost you extra money or delay a delivery.

What USPS packaging is eligible for Commercial Base Pricing?

Almost anything you send over 13 ounces qualifies you to use a shipping label and receive Commercial Base Pricing. This includes: thick envelopes, poly mailers, USPS flat rate envelopes or boxes, USPS non flat rate envelopes or boxes, non-USPS boxes and tubes.

Is a shipping label the same as a USPS IMpb tracking label?

We’re pleased to say these are two terms for the very same thing. Whether you call it a shipping label or USPS IMpb tracking label, you’ll receive access the same discounts and label options when you print with Pitney Bowes shipping solution.

Where can I go for more details on sending Priority Mail and other shipping label items?

Visit to sign in to your account from your computer. From there you can access support files and other information to help you make the most of your online shipping account.

*Savings based on Priority Mail Cubic pricing for up to .1 cubic ft package weighing 20lb sent to Zone 9. vs Priority Mail Retail