USPS® Shipping and Mailing Price Changes

The USPS has proposed a new price increase for mailing services that, if approved, will go into effect July 14, 2024.

Mailing Services (Market Dominant)

New USPS® rates proposed for July 14, 2024

The USPS filed notice with the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) of mailing services price changes to take effect July 14, 2024. The new rates include a 5-cent increase in the price of a First-Class ® Mail Forever stamp from 68¢ to 73¢. The proposed adjustments, once approved by the governors of the Postal Service, would raise mailing services product prices approximately 7.8 percent. Price changes for USPS shipping services like Priority Mail ® and Ground Advantage™ have not yet been announced.

What’s changing in First-Class Mail?

Starting July 14, 2024, mailers will see price increase to USPS mailing products such as First-Class Mail and Certified Mail if approved by the PRC.

First-Class letters (retail stamps and metered) increase 5¢. The good news for online postage and meter users is that the savings for Metered letter rate remains at 4¢ per letter. The additional ounce rate is increasing from 24¢ to 28¢ for letters.

First-Class Flats (Large Envelopes) are increasing 11¢, and the additional ounce rate for Flats is increasing 27¢ to 30¢ depending on the weight of the envelope.

Certified Mail rate is increasing $0.45 and the manual Return Receipt (green card is also increasing $0.45). Switching to electronic Return Receipt, using PitneyShip software, can now save mailers $1.48 per piece.

  • Total 1-ounce Certified Mail cost increases to $9.64 for Retail Return Receipt (Green Card) (metered)
  • Total 1-ounce Certified Mail cost will be $8.16 for electronic Return Receipt (Savings of $1.48 vs. Green Card)

What’s changing in Marketing Mail?

Marketing Mail continues to be the cheapest way to send mass mail. Most Marketing Mail and Marketing Mail Nonprofit rates are rising, but the increase is much less than First-Class mail rates.

Other Services

  • Single Piece Library Mail increases to $3.92 up to 1lb
  • Single Piece Media Mail increases to $4.13 up to 1lb

As always, Pitney Bowes remains committed to providing the best possible rates offered by the USPS. Now is the perfect time to cut your shipping and mailing costs. We are here to help you find ways to reduce the complexity and impact of rate changes for shipping and mailing. Below are some of the highlights of popular mailing services being affected.


USPS Mail Rates

First-Class Mail
Jul 2024 Change
1oz. Letter $0.68 $0.73 +$0.05
1 oz. Letter (metered) $0.64 $0.69 +$0.05
Postcards $0.53 $0.56 +$0.03
1 oz. Flats $1.39 $1.50 +$0.11
Additional Oz. Letters $0.24 $0.28 +$0.03
Additional Oz. Flats $0.24 $0.27 - $0.30 +$0.03 - $0.06
Certified Mail
Extra Services Current Price Jul 2024 Change
Certified Mail $4.40 $4.85 +$0.45
Return. Receipt Retail $3.65 $4.05 +$0.40
Return. Receipt Electronic $2.32 $2.62 +$0.30
Marketing Mail
Commercial Automation Current Price Jul 2024 Change
Mixed AADC $0.385 $0.402 +$0.017
AADC $0.365 $0.380 +$0.015
5-Digit $0.330 $0.345 +$0.015
Nonprofit Automation      
Mixed AADC $0.228 $0.230 +$0.002
AADC $0.208 $0.208 $0.00
5-Digit $0.173 $0.183 $0.00

Our PitneyShip software delivers a better way to send, track, and manage your Certified Mail, while saving you $1.48 on every piece – with no volume requirements. Learn more here.

The Countdown is ON to the USPS 2024 mandate.

As of December 2024, IMI will replace the outdated IBI (Information Based Indicia) performance standard with newer, more sophisticated technology providing the Postal Service with more detailed real-time transaction data. Learn more here.

Shipping Services (USPS Competitive Products)

The USPS has not yet announced price changes for shipping services as part of the July 2024 announcement.

If you’re using services like Priority Mail, Ground Advantage (formerly First-Class Package and Parcel Select), and Priority Mail Express, you will generally see an increase in shipping costs with the January 21, 2024 price changes. We say “generally” because most prices are going up, but some are going down slightly, and some prices won’t be affected if you are printing a shipping label using PitneyShip software. That’s because if you print USPS shipping labels with PitneyShip, then you are getting special discounts on postage some rates and zones for Priority Mail and Ground Advantage. PitneyShip automatically gives you access to special discounts through the USPS Connect eEcommerce (CeC) program. If this sounds confusing, it’s because it is. The good news is that we have you covered. Our PitneyShip software takes the guess work out of rates and presents you with the best possible USPS rate for every package you send.


USPS Priority Mail

Priority Mail (1-3 day delivery)

On average, Priority Mail prices are increasing an average of 5.7%. This is a very broad average with actual percentage changes being very complex and varying based on zone and weight. For the most part, prices are going up. PitneyShip reduces the complexity of the Priority Mail price changes and helps make sure you are getting the best price or every piece you send.

Priority Mail Product

2023 Retail Price

2023 Commercial Price

2024 Retail Price

2024 PitneyShip Price

Savings with PitneyShip

Flat Rate Envelope





$1.86 (19%)

Small Flat Rate Box





$1.89 (18%)

Medium Flat Rate Box





$4.02 (22%)

1lb Package to Zone 1





$2.61 (28%)

2lb Package to Zone 1





$3.67 (35%)

2lb Package to Zone 4





$5.59 (45%)

Priority Mail Cubic

Priority Mail Cubic pricing is based on the dimensions of your package, rather than the weight. It’s a service not available at the Post Office, and offers shippers an inexpensive, fast way to ship their small packages (0.5 cubic feet or less) that weight up to 20lbs. Like all Priority Mail services, you can still expect a 1-3 business day delivery. Cubic pricing also includes $100 of insurance at no extra cost.

Package Details

2024 Retail Price

2024 Commercial Price

2024 PitneyShip Cubic Price

Savings with PitneyShip

0.20 Cubic Ft, 3lbs, Zone 3




$5.33 (44%)

0.30 Cubic Ft, 5lbs, Zone 1




$5.68 (45%)

0.50 Cubic Ft, 7lbs, Zone 4




$9.01 (54%)

Priority Mail Express

If speed is what you need, then Priority Mail Express could be the right choice. It’s an overnight service delivery even on Saturdays. Prices are increasing between 5.8% and 6% for zones 1-8 and 10% for zone 9. There are no cubic price options for Priority Mail Express, but the USPS does offer Flat Rate packaging and prices.

Priority Mail Express Product

2023 Retail Price

2023 Commercial Price

2024 Retail Price

2024 PitneyShip Price

PitneyShip Savings

Flat Rate Envelope






Legal Flat Rate Envelope






Padded Flat Rate Envelope






1lb Package to Zone 1






Save up to 89% when you print a USPS shipping label

Offset rate increases and access the best rates on the market when you print a USPS shipping label, rather than using stamps or a meter tape for Ground Advantage, Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express.

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Rate Change

USPS Ground Advantage

USPS Ground Advantage™ Service

Most Ground Advantage rates are increasing, but like Priority Mail, the price changes are complex and depend on zone and weight of the package. Ground Advantage replaced First-Class Package Service category with USPS Ground Advantage. The service also incorporated USPS Retail Ground and Parcel Select® Ground. USPS Ground Advantage features 2-5 day delivery for packages up to 70 pounds and includes ounce-based pricing up to 15.999oz. Certified Mail is not an option as an extra service for these items. If you require a signature, Ground Advantage with Signature Confirmation is the recommended alternative. If your package requires Certified Mail, then you must use Priority Mail.

Package Details

2023 Retail Price

2023 Commercial Price

2024 Retail Price

2024 PitneyShip Price

Savings with PitneyShip

0.5 lbs, Zone 1





$1.49 (26%)

1lb, Zone 1





$2.48 (31%)

2lbs, Zone 4





$4.54 (42%)

5lbs, Zone 2





$4.69 (42%)


USPS Ground Advantage Cubic Rates

Like Priority Mail Cubic rates, Ground Advantage Cubic pricing is based on the dimensions of your package, rather than the weight. Ground Advantage differs in that packages can be up to a full cubic foot. Ground Advantage Cubic offers competitive pricing for packages up to 20lbs with a 2-5 delivery service.

Package Details

2023 Commercial Price

2024 Commercial Price

2024 PitneyShip Cubic Price

Savings with PitneyShip

0.30 Cubic Ft, 3lbs, Zone 3




$4.15 (40%)

0.50 Cubic Ft, 7lbs, Zone 1




$5.63 (45%)

0.90 Cubic Ft, 14 lbs, Zone 4




$7.59 (45%)

Changes to USPS Hazmat Compliance in effect July 9

Effective July 9, 2023, the USPS will require changes to Hazmat Compliance in accordance with USPS Publication 52. The changes to USPS Publication 52 that will go into effect are defined in a Final Rule published in the Federal Register.

What does this mean for my business?

Pitney Bowes shipping software solutions have automatically been updated to keep you in compliance*. You are able to identify a Hazardous Material shipment when you create a label. In doing so, the new Hazardous Material label will be printed. These new labels better identify Hazardous Material shipments with the “H” service indicator and “Hazmat” spelled out in multiple locations.

Hazmat shipment labels can be generated at no additional cost. Continue shipping your hazardous material shipments safely and in compliance with PitneyShip multicarrier software.

USPS Rate Change

How can you prepare to save on shipping and mailing costs in 2024?

We are here to help. Shipping continues to get more complex. It’s a great time to take a second look at the annual price increases for the carriers you use. Our PitneyShip shipping software helps you print labels and save on carrier rates like USPS, UPS, and FedEx and more. We make it easy choose the right carrier and price for every package you send. Let’s talk.

Already a client?

These new rates will be available for download soon and should automatically update on July 14, 2024 (pending approval). If you have any questions, please click the link below.

*SendSuite® Express and SendSuite Live software solutions do not support compliance with these new regulations. Your company’s Hazmat Compliance Officer will be able to assist you in ensuring your business is in compliance with the new USPS Hazmat regulations and take the necessary steps to mitigate any risk.