5 reasons to start using the SendPro® solution

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5 reasons to start using the SendPro® solution

Saving and simplifying with Pitney Bowes online software.

As sending options become more complex and competitive, three key requirements dominate the office sender’s wish list – saving costs and time, simplifying the process and controlling the activities. Sorting through the services and rates offered by the major carriers can be time-consuming and frustrating. One timely example of how challenging this can be is the USPS® announcement that it is changing mailing and shipping service rates in January 2017. Calculating the changes could be a huge headache if you’re on your own. But you’re not.

Pitney Bowes developed the SendPro online software solution to help you send large envelopes, express deliveries and packages from one easy-to-use application. Rates are up to date at all times. All you need to do is start using it. Here’s why.

01. Save money.
The SendPro solution provides you with access to optimized USPS and UPS® rates and enables you to compare sending options. The savings are achieved through several channels:

You can benefit with USPS Commercial Base rates, for example, saving 27 percent on a 5-pound package sent locally via USPS Priority Mail®.* And you can save a minimum of 10 percent on every USPS Priority Mail Express shipment. The 2017 rate increase will automatically be updated to capture these savings without a blip.

You’ll also be able to take advantage of UPS discounts for Pitney Bowes customers. You can save a minimum of 18 percent off UPS Next Day Air®, and 9 percent off UPS Ground Commercial and Residential. Plus, you can increase your savings when you ship four or more packages per week.

And don’t forget the complete SendPro solution consisting of the online software and SendKit enables you to accurately weigh packages, helping you avoid overpayment of postage. More on that in point 04.

02. Simplify the process.
Sending even one item can involve multiple steps and choices. If you’re a frequent sender, the hassles multiply significantly. The SendPro solution consolidates the entire process. Use SendPro to easily compare the service options offered by USPS, UPS and other major carriers, greatly simplifying the carrier management process from end-to-end. The online software also facilitates tracking shipments and managing expenses online. The SendKit, consisting of an integrated scale and printer, enables you to accurately weigh and measure your shipments and to print professional looking, carrier-compliant labels.

03. Control the results.
If you feel like you’ve lost control of all the important details in the sending process, you’re not alone. The SendPro solution is designed to rein in the chaos, beginning with monitoring your sending activities to capturing associated costs. You will get a consolidated history of all the shipments you make through USPS, UPS and other major carriers, including costs, services and tracking numbers. The history gives you a clear view of your complete sending spend. And since SendPro lets you export files, you can easily upload shipping information into common accounting software, streamlining your invoice process.

04. Save time.
It should be fairly obvious at this point that with everything the SendPro solution does, you’re going to reap vast time savings. From reducing the time it takes to compare carrier service options to compiling complete and accurate cost outlays, the traditional time it takes for each step in the sending process is significantly reduced. The integrated scale and printer alone saves the time it takes to weigh and measure each item, then print the professional labels that your company deserves. And when you save this much time…well, that brings us back to point 01 – your cost savings go beyond just the pure sending costs alone. Saving time means saving money.


05. Activate 90 days of savings.
Pitney Bowes wants you to experience the benefits of the SendPro online software solution. Really. So we’re giving you an amazing incentive to try it out. Our 90-day free trial introduces you to the savings, simplicity and control the solution can bring to your sending processes. Try SendPro software free for 90 days.**

* Savings are based on 5-pound packages sent priority mail commercial rates vs. retail rates in zones 1 and 2. Rates may vary in other zones.

** Postage and carrier charges apply. You must cancel within the free trial period to avoid subscription charges.

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