Communisis, in strategic partnership with Pitney Bowes, celebrates new business growth.

A major outsourcing deal with a leading UK retail bank demands the highest levels of operational excellence and productivity.

Client profile


Leading provider of multi-channel marketing, transactional and regulatory customer communications

Headquartered in UK with offices across Europe and 2,200 employees

Serves major brands from financial services, retail, utilities and telecommunications sectors

Business goals


Consolidate the bank’s several disparate transactional mail production facilities under one roof—the Copley Center of Excellence

Implement process improvements and lean manufacturing techniques

Promote healthy competition and a culture of employee engagement by rewarding success



Increased operational throughput on high-volume machines by almost triple

Significantly reduced labor costs

Attained number one spot and five of top ten positions in Pitney Bowes’ ranking of 150 most productive inserters across Europe

Saved on postage costs and increased mail sorting throughput by 50 percent


“Pitney Bowes enabled us to boost operational excellence in our business while giving us class-leading technology and quality.”
David Herridge, Managing Director, Communisis

Communisis is a marketing services group whose goal is to help clients communicate more effectively with their customers. As the UK’s market leader in transactional print, Communisis has enjoyed a fruitful relationship with Pitney Bowes starting in 2006, when Communisis equipped their transactional print Center of Excellence in Speke, Liverpool, with Pitney Bowes technology. Recently, Communisis won a ten-year outsourcing contract—their biggest deal ever—with a major UK retail bank that demanded new levels of operational excellence and productivity, and created a host of new requirements.  

Business Need


Projecting a sizable move to electronic delivery, the bank’s several disparate transactional mail production facilities were consolidated under one roof. However, a change in scope meant a larger print volume than originally forecast, requiring double the hourly output while maintaining daily SLAs with zero errors.



A ten-year contract with Pitney Bowes to deliver a single-source mail and sorting solution across the Center of Excellence in Speke and the new facility in Copley, West Yorkshire includes onsite maintenance services and professional services; the unique strategic relationship offers a consultative approach geared to Communisis’ success, with Pitney Bowes and Communisis engineers working together as a single team.

Support from Pitney Bowes helped uncover areas for process improvement, including a cultural shift to promote motivation and reward success among operators. Today, operators work to a very high standard in terms of both quality and throughput.


”The relationship with Pitney Bowes is open, honest, based on trust. We have great relationships at all levels, and, most importantly, they help us deliver great service to our customers.”
David Herridge, Managing Director

Productivity improvements have been impressive, with an increase in operational throughput on high-volume machines by almost triple, plus a significant reduction in labor costs. What’s more, Communisis Copley has achieved the number one spot for most productive inserter among Pitney Bowes’ ranking of over 150 inserters across Europe. It has also held five of the European top ten positions.

Communisis is also helping its client save on postage costs with the Pitney Bowes Vantage Mail Sorting system, which consolidates the mail to maximize postal discounts and offers 50 per cent faster throughput than the previously installed system.

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