Thinking about a technology upgrade? Don’t overlook the mail center.

Shipping and receiving expert Nick Staffieri shares strategies to overcome the challenges facing office mail centers.

For many organizations, shipping and delivery have become an integral part of the customer experience and a major contributor to the corporate image. Yet few have updated to accommodate new business demands and expectations.

The dramatic increase in package volume along with complex multi-carrier workflows and compliance requirements underscore the need for change and efficiency in today’s corporate mail centers. In our white paper, Optimizing your shipping and receiving operation — an expert’s perspective, mail operations consultant Nick Staffieri contends that technology and automation have become essential to meeting escalating demands and alleviating complexity and risk. His insights add clarity to the challenges and opportunities facing mail center managers, especially as secure, timely and cost-effective shipping and delivery become top business priorities.

Tracking and automation software are having an enormous impact

According to Mr. Staffieri, there’s no time to waste. Mail center managers need to be looking at software that can automate their inbound and outbound operations and simplify tracking and accountability. These technologies can drive up efficiency and lower costs by:

  • Enabling mail centers to process higher volumes with greater speed and efficiency while reducing the risk of shipping errors, delays and loss 
  • Increasing visibility across the enterprise by creating digital histories that make it possible to trace each parcel at any point in time
  • Simplifying compliance by documenting the complete chain of custody for parcels
  • Reducing multi-carrier complexity through integration of carrier services and pricing
  • Securing better pricing and terms from carriers by forcing competition and allowing senders to compare services and pricing
  • Centralizing and automate addressing, reducing shipping errors, eliminating redundancies and accelerating delivery
  • Simplifying billing and accounting so costs can be captured more quickly and accurately

The ability to deliver a better service experience delivers benefits that go beyond the operation. It allows organizations to deepen customer relationships and build brand loyalty.

So what are you waiting for?

The white paper makes clear that what happens in the mail center is serious business, and it highlights the urgent need for change. Across every industry, business has become communications-intensive, and that trend is likely to continue.

To meet evolving shipping demands for speed, efficiency and service, organizations have to keep adapting and innovating. Technology and automation are the biggest part of that.

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To learn more about the technologies shaping today’s shipping operations and the ways organizations are benefitting, download the new white paper from Pitney Bowes, the Craftsmen of Commerce: Optimizing your shipping and receiving operation — an expert’s perspective.

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