United Kennel Club gets a new best friend with Pitney Bowes PitneyShip® shipping solution.

Scalable solution streamlines the way companies send, making it easier to compare shipping options and manage costs.

Client profile

Largest all-breed performance-dog registry in the world

Registers dogs from all 50 US states and 25 foreign countries

Conducts nearly 16,000 annual events focused on performance

Business goals

Provide superior customer service

Rapidly deliver certificates to customers

Improve internal shipping processes


Package preparation time reduced

Tracking processes improved

Expense management consolidated

Technology Used

Shipping Software to Print Labels and Save on Shipping

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"This is by far the most efficient and user-friendly shipping tool I have come across. I have used them all, and this is the best."
Jeremy Kershaw Director of Shipping and Receiving, United Kennel Club

UKC customers want to keep track of the status of their coveted Performance Pedigree™ certificates, which give an accurate count of the number of puppies produced by each dog on the pedigree and the championships earned by those puppies. In October 2015, the UKC announced a Gold Foil option for the 4-Generation Performance Pedigree.

Business Need

The UKC wanted to ensure timely delivery of the certificates and other performance-dog related documents. The main challenge is the unpredictability of the shipping requirements, which include #10 envelopes, flat rate mail and USPS parcel post packages, as well as FedEx and UPS deliveries. Another challenge is the fluctuation in volume.


The UKC had been using Pitney Bowes’ pbSmartPostage™ solution primarily to meet the USPS bar code requirements to obtain discounts. When Jeremy Kershaw, Director of Shipping and Receiving, received an email from Pitney Bowes introducing the new PitneyShip® shipping solution, he immediately recognized the more robust solution’s potential value and the UKC implemented a beta version.

PitneyShip® is a scalable, all-in-one office solution designed to streamline the way organizations send anything through the USPS, FedEx and UPS. The solution seamlessly integrates shipping processes with intuitive, online software, enabling shippers to compare rates, weigh packages, print labels, track shipments and manage expenses with one complete system. Using just one login, one shipping form, and one address book for multiple carriers, the PitneyShip® solution significantly reduces the time and effort it takes to ship multiple and varied pieces. The solution also consolidates inbound and outbound tracking, enabling companies to easily track shipments. In addition, it consolidates expenses from all carriers, making it easier to manage budgets.