Wipro automates mail delivery services, improves productivity with SendSuite® solution

Software solutions like Wipro help automate the receipt, logging and tracking of inbound parcels.

Client profile


Leading IT, consulting and business-process services company

Harnesses cognitive computing, robotics, cloud, analytics and emerging technologies to help clients thrive in a digital world

Recognized globally for comprehensive portfolio of services

Business goals


Automate logging, tracking of inbound mailings and parcels

Record chain of delivery from receipt by the company to ultimate recipient

Limit time office staff spends on receiving, tracking mail



Quicker, more accurate logging of incoming mail

Improved traceability, allowing for quick access to information on where parcels were delivered, when, and to whom

Improved productivity

Technology Used

SendSuite® Tracking Online


"We are the ones who receive mail and packages and drop them off, and we had no way to really solidify the part of the process where we hand off everything to other departments.”
Destini Gonzales Operations Manager, Wipro

The Wipro office in East Brunswick, New Jersey, has a non-traditional mail center. There are no distinct mailrooms or teams to manage mail. Office managers take responsibility for delivering incoming couriered packages to the office's more than 100 employees.

Business Needs

On an average, the East Brunswick office receives more than 300 pieces of mail daily, of which at least 50 are “trackable” parcels — or parcels with bar codes. Wipro office managers found logging them manually, on a spreadsheet, labor intensive and potentially error prone. Even more challenging was establishing an official record of hand-off of mail and parcels internally, after delivery to the recipient's department. The office staff often had to spend substantial time tracing the package trail.


To improve delivery of trackable parcels, Wipro began using the SendSuite Tracking Online inbound mail solution. The cloud-based solution combines software, barcode technology and handheld devices to electronically log the date and time of receipt, eliminating the need for manual processes. Handheld devices work in tandem with SendSuite software to record each time an envelope changes hands, capturing signatures and tracking delivery from receipt by the company to delivery to the ultimate recipient.

The SendSuite Tracking Online solution also allows departmental personnel to view mailing status. For example, if a human resources employee is inquiring about expected mail, authorized personnel in that department can view a log of the mail’s movements. 


“Electronic logging is less time consuming for us and it leaves less room for errors.”
Diana Rosado Office Manager, Wipro

Following implementation of the SendSuite solution, Wipro saw an immediate improvement in productivity. Signing for and logging mail is now much quicker. The SendSuite solution’s batching process allows Wipro employees to scan multiple parcels simultaneously, then sign only once for the entire batch. Employees can use time saved to focus on the company's core projects.

Electronic-signature capture improves traceability, allowing for quick delivery information.

When an office staff member receives a query regarding mail location, personnel can now easily search for packages by sender name, then identify who received and signed for the package, and when.