Solutions for home office mailers and shippers

Print postage at home with discounts not available at your local Post Office. SendPro®/PitneyShip™ solutions make it easy and economical for mailers and shippers to send packages from home.
Print postage and labels at home with SendPro®/PitneyShip™
No matter your shipping and mailing volumes or needs, SendPro®/PitneyShip™ has a solution designed to help you save money and time sending First-Class® letters and Priority Mail® packages from your home or office.
SendPro® Mailstation
First-Class mailing from home
SendPro® Mailstation is designed to easily print postage at home for First-Class letters, large envelopes and postcards with a compact, manual-feed device.

Ideal for up to 50 mail pieces/week.
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PitneyShip™ shipping software
Priority Mail shipping from home
Designed to save you time and money by simplifying all your shipping and mailing from packages to large envelopes and letters.

It’s the quick and easy way to ship from your office, home or on-the-go.
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SendPro® C Lite
Automated mailing from home
SendPro® C Lite is designed to handle weekly mail volumes and office shipping in an easy-to-use device with semi-automatic mail feed and optional label printer.

Ideal for up to 200 mail pieces/week and 100 shipments/month.
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How SendPro®/PitneyShip™ benefits home office mailers and shippers

It’s not only the simplest and cheapest way to ship from home, it’s the simplest and cheapest way to ship from anywhere. SendPro®/PitneyShip™ solutions are designed to help you buy and print discounted postage wherever you get work done.

Simplify Sending

Send from anywhere

Easily print and apply official USPS® postage to letters, flats and packages from your home, office or on-the-go.
Save time

Save time

Streamline all your mailing and shipping tasks with easy-to-use SendPro®/PitneyShip™ devices, software and apps.
Ensure accuracy

Ensure accuracy

Every ounce counts. Weigh letters and packages to calculate proper postage and ensure you’re not paying more than needed.
Spend less

Spend less

Get discounts not available at the Post Office—5¢ off every First-Class letter and up to 30% off USPS Priority Mail®.

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