Choose, save and optimize postage spend through innovative mail file analysis


Controlling the cost of postage is a challenge.  PrimeSort makes it quick, easy and efficient.  Whether you need an automated workflow or a hosted web page, PrimeSort helps you determine the best mailing strategy for each and every First-Class or Standard mail job:

  • Direct Present
  • Commingle/One Pass
  • Hybrid


Simplify Mailing Decisions

PrimeSort is a valuable postal optimization tool for mailers needing a solution to prepare a mailing and save on postage costs.   Simply using a name and address or Mail.dat file, PrimeSort helps you identify the best processing scenario for your mail job.

Developed as a cloud-based solution, mailers can get started quickly and easily.  No hardware installs, IT investment or infrastructure required. Simply upload your mailing files, answer a few quick questions, and PrimeSort recommends the best combinations to optimize postage. You always have the freedom of choice to make the right decisions for you or your clients.

  • Direct Present
  • Commingling/One Pass
  • Hybrid

Mailers review the proposed recommendations and decide which option(s) to select.  PrimeSort will then create the appropriate mail preparation files, tray labels and more. 


  • Optimized postage spend
  • Reduced infrastructure costs to manage mailings
  • Quick and efficient creation of print files and mailing documentation