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Mailstream On Demand

Gain peace of mind knowing your mail will always go out when it needs to with Mailstream On Demand. Our print and mailing outsourcing service provides flexibility, security, and cost control so you can concentrate on growing your business and not the mail.

Discover how to reduce mailing costs and improve productivity

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Online access to print and mail outsourcing services

Flexibility for when you need it
Enhanced visibility and security
Controlling costs

All the benefits of online printing and mailing services, without the capital expense

Printing and compliance
Printing and compliance from a trusted provider
Production color printing combined with full file-based white-paper factory gives you ultimate peace of mind.
Powerful data-cleansing tools
Reduce returned mail by correcting bad address data and updating moves using USPS® NCOALink®.
Robust reporting
Robust reporting
Track jobs from production to delivery, complete with full digital document archive.
Convenient payment options
Convenient payment options
Receive a simple consolidated bill for your print and material costs and easily fund postage with our Pitney Bowes Reserve Account.

Discover how to reduce mailing costs and improve productivity

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See how we simplify print-to-mail

Designed for in-house mailrooms, Mailstream On Demand improves visibility, reduces operational costs, and provides you with peace of mind knowing that your documents will always go out when they need to.

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How it works

Eliminate the need for new hardware on site. Simply submit your documents’ print stream or data file from your existing host software to the secure Mailstream On Demand online service. Then, our service creates customer documents and delivers them by mail or email.

Two great options

Mailstream On Demand can complement your existing processes by providing an off-site back up plan when unforeseen events occur. Alternatively, it can serve as a fully outsourced solution that eliminates the complexities of sending mail altogether.
Mailstream On Demand for backup mailing
Mailstream On Demand for exclusive mailing

Compelling capabilities

Full process color printing

Color helps make your documents easier for customers to understand and increases customer engagement. Our production inkjet printers deliver full process color duplex printing to maximize the impact of every communication.

Management and tracking

Track documents through production with date and time stamps for when files are received, processed and mailed. IMb mail tracking data provides an end-to-end view of your mail delivery. With our 12 months of digital document archive, you also see exactly what your customers see.

Full file-based processing

End-to-end production is finished in a state-of-the-art white paper factory using Pitney Bowes proprietary file-based processing. Every page of your customer documents is tracked and reported down to an individual recipient level, so you have the peace of mind knowing not only that your mail was assembled correctly, but that you can prove it.

 digital mailing

Easy transition from paper to digital mailing

You can adapt quickly as your customers' communication preferences change. Easily transition paper mail to digital delivery including email and new emerging consumer digital channels.
Client Success Stories and Insights
Letter box
National Association of Letter Carriers
NALC Health Benefit Plan secures business continuity for thousands of time-sensitive daily mailings.
lead Mars Capital
Mars Capital
Rapid growth and regulatory compliance lead Mars Capital to a secure, scalable print solution.
Group of people walking on a road
Mailstream On Demand™ significantly increases client payment rate for Centerstone.
A woman looking at her tablet
Johnson & Johnson
Insurance broker uses Mailstream On Demand for better visibility into mailings.

Discover how to reduce mailing costs and improve productivity