Online Postage

Easily print stamps, postage and shipping labels online.

Eliminate trips to the post office. Weigh your mail piece or package, and print the exact postage you need – any time, anywhere.

Print postage from your desk.

Weigh & Compare


Print exact postage and USPS shipping labels –
any time, anywhere and eliminate trips to the post office.




Save 3 cents on every stamp you print and save with USPS Commercial Base Rates for example, 27% on a 5lb. package sent locally via USPS Priority Mail®* and a minimum of 10% on every USPS Priority Mail ExpressTM shipment.

Send & Track


Track, compare and manage your shipping and postage costs from your office.

What are online stamps?

What are online stamps?

Online stamps (also known as online postage) are USPS™ postage you can pay for online and print out from your own printer.

How to print stamps online?

You can print stamps online by accessing and buying postage from a USPS approved account, which you can print out on labels, envelopes or paper.

Products & Solutions

Postage Expense Management Solutions

Leverage our Postage Expense Managements Solutions to help grow your business and simplify your mail and package related expenses.

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SendPro® vs.®
Get more. Pay less.





Print official USPS stamps

Print official USPS shipping labels

Enjoy USPS discounts on stamps and shipping labels

Send now and pay later with flexible payments on USPS mail and packages


Print UPS shipping labels


Print FedEx shipping labels


Access UPS discounts of at least 18% on UPS Next Day Air®


View consolidated report of all shipments and/or spend for USPS and other carriers

USPS only

Track packages and parcels for USPS and other carriers

USPS only

Cost tracking and reporting for USPS and other carriers

USPS only

Verify delivery address for USPS and other carriers

USPS only

Trial period

90 days

4 weeks

Payment for trial period




$15 a month

$15.99 a month

1Postage, supplies and carrier charges apply. Unless you cancel during the 90-day trial, monthly charges will apply.
2If you do not cancel during's trial period.


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