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Automatic tracking and logging of incoming packages into secure databases.
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Capture package details automatically with simple bar-code scanning.
Integration with ParcelPoint Smart Lockers for easy package distribution.

Why PitneyTrack Inbound

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Eliminate manual tracking

End manual tracking and logging of incoming items, minimizing the potential for errors or lost items.

Access from anywhere in your organization

Get reports and package tracking details to end recipients from anywhere in your organization. 
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Automatic updates and easy scalability 

Automatic updates and easy scalability mean less IT resources needed to deploy and maintain the solution.
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Intuitive Customizable Mobile App

The intuitive mobile app allows you to organize workflows in a way that is most efficient for you. 
PitneyTrack Inbound
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Discover a Smarter Way to Receive and Track Packages

PitneyTrack Inbound is the smarter way to receive and track packages. Learn how PitneyTrack Inbound can help you simplify your company's inbound tracking and receiving.


1. What is PitneyTrack Inbound?

PitneyTrack Inbound is a cloud-based solution that provides tracking and recipient details as inbound packages move through an organization upon receipt. It establishes chain of custody so you’ll know what came in, who it was for, and when it was delivered to the final recipient.

2. Who is PitneyTrack Inbound ideal for?

It's ideal for organizations with centralized shipping and mailing operations that need visibility and comprehensive tracking of incoming packages and mail through delivery to the end recipient.

3. What are the benefits of mail center automation?

Mail center automation increases efficiency and productivity which leads to a more positive experience for package and mail recipients. With significant increases in package and mail volumes, mail center automation:

  • Replaces manual data entry with simple barcode scans.
  • Reduces the likelihood of human error
  • Creates an accurate chain of custody, which reduces lost packages
  • Allows mail center employees to focus on other tasks