July, 2023

Thank you for choosing Pitney Bowes products and services. These Terms and the executed order (the “Order”) make up your agreement with Pitney Bowes (this “Agreement”). Please read this Agreement carefully.

Let’s start with a few definitions that should help you better understand your agreement. “PBI” means Pitney Bowes Inc. “Pitney Bowes” means PBI and its subsidiaries. “PBGFS” means Pitney Bowes Global Financial Services LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of PBI, or one of its subsidiaries. “We”, “our” or “us” refers to the Pitney Bowes companies with whom you’ve entered into the Order. “You” or “your” refers to the entity identified on the Order. “Meter” means any postage meter supplied by PBI under the Order, including (i) in the case of a Connect+®, a SendPro® P series or a SendPro C series mailing system, the postal security device that accounts for and enables postage to be purchased and printed (“PSD”), and (ii) in the case of all other mailing systems, the PSD, the user interface or keyboard and display and the print engine. “Meter Services” means access to the PSD to download, account for, and enable printing of postage within a PBI Postage Evidencing System as defined in Title 39, Part 501 of the Code of Federal Regulations (“CFR”); USPS mandated processes associated with the PSD, including registration, usage reporting and withdrawal; repair or replacement of the PSD as described in Section 28; and the Soft-Guard Program outlined in Section 30. “Equipment” means the equipment listed on the Order, excluding any Meter or standalone software. “LTOP” means a lease to ownership plan subject to the terms and conditions set out in Sections 1 through 9. The terms “LTOP” and “lease” are used interchangeably herein.

The provisions included in these Terms consist of: (i) LTOP Terms and Conditions; (ii) General Terms; (iii) a Service Level Agreement (“SLA”); (iv) Equipment Rental and Meter Services Terms; (v) an Acknowledgement of Deposit required by the United States Postal Service in any transaction involving a Meter; (vi) Purchase Power® Terms for a limited purpose credit line that may be available to you; and (vii) provisions relating to specific products.




1. Lease of Equipment; Provider of Leasing Services

If you are entering an LTOP, these Lease terms apply. PBI is the manufacturer of the Equipment. PBGFS, provides you with the leasing services. The term of this Lease is the number of months stated on the Order, unless it ends earlier due to (i) termination at our option upon the occurrence of an event of default, provided that all payment obligations under this Lease survive termination of this Agreement, or (ii) termination under Section 8 below (the “Lease Term”). For new Leases, the Lease Term begins on the date the Equipment is shipped if we don’t install the Equipment, and the date of installation if we install the Equipment (“Install Equipment”). If you are entering into a Lease to enhance, upgrade or replace Equipment you are leasing from PBGFS, and if all Equipment has shipped and all Install Equipment has been installed, then your Lease Term will commence to align with your current periodic invoice date. You may not cancel this Lease for any reason, except as expressly set forth in Section 8 below, and all payment obligations under this Lease are unconditional. PBI owns any Meter as USPS regulations require.


2. Payment Terms

We will invoice you quarterly in arrears for all payments on the Order, unless the Order says otherwise (each such payment is a “Periodic Payment”). You will make each Periodic Payment by the due date shown on our invoice. Your Periodic Payment may include a one-time origination fee, amounts carried over from a previous lease, software license and maintenance fees and other charges. Any Meter Services fees, SLA fees and subscription fees (collectively “PBI Payments”) will be included with your Periodic Payment and begin with the start of the Lease Term. Your obligations, including your obligation to pay the Periodic Payments due in any fiscal year during the term of this Agreement, shall constitute a current expense for such fiscal year and shall not constitute indebtedness within the meaning of the constitution and laws of the state in which you are located. Nothing herein shall constitute a pledge by you of any taxes or other moneys (other than moneys lawfully appropriated from time to time by or for your benefit for this Agreement) to the payment of any Periodic Payment due under this Agreement.


3. Equipment Ownership

PBI owns any Meter. Title to the Equipment shall pass to you upon installation. However, you and we agree that title shall automatically revert to us in the event of default, or termination due to nonappropriation under Section 8. If you default, or terminate this Agreement by non-appropriation under Section 8, you, at your expense, shall return the Equipment and Meter. You will, as specified by us, either properly pack and return them to us in the return box and with the shipping label provided by us or furnish them to a service carrier specified by us to pick up and ship them to us in the same condition as when delivered to you, reasonable wear and tear excepted.





5. Equipment Obligations

You will keep the Equipment free from liens and in good condition and working order. We may inspect the Equipment and related maintenance records. You may not move the Equipment from the location specified on the Order without our prior written consent.


6. Risk of Loss

(a)   You bear the entire risk of loss, theft, damage or destruction to the Equipment from the date of shipment by us until the Equipment is returned to, and received by, us, regardless of cause, ordinary wear and tear excepted (“Loss”).

(b)   No Loss will relieve you of any of your obligations under this Lease. You must immediately notify us in writing of any Loss.

(c)   To protect the equipment from loss, you will keep the Equipment insured against Loss for its full replacement value under a comprehensive policy of insurance or other arrangement with an insurer of your choice, provided that it is reasonably satisfactory to us (“Insurance”).


7. Other Lease Terms

(a)   If more than one lessee is named in this Lease, liability is joint and several.

(b)   You may not assign or sublet the Equipment, the Meter or this Agreement without our prior written consent. Any assignment without our consent is void. We may sell or assign all or part of this Lease or the Equipment but it will not affect your rights or obligations.

(c)   All applicable taxes required to be collected by us will be shown on the invoice. 


8. Non-Appropriation

You warrant that you have funds available to pay all payments until the end of your current fiscal period, and shall use your best efforts to obtain funds to pay all payments in each subsequent fiscal period through the end of the Lease Term. If your appropriation request to your legislative body, or funding authority ("Governing Body") for funds to pay the payments is denied, you may terminate this Agreement on the last day of the fiscal period for which funds have been appropriated, upon (i) submission of documentation reasonably satisfactory to us evidencing the Governing Body's denial of an appropriation sufficient to continue this Agreement for the next succeeding fiscal period, and (ii) satisfaction of all charges and obligations under this Agreement incurred through the end of the fiscal period for which funds have been appropriated, including the return of the Equipment at your expense.

9. Representations

You hereby represent and warrant that (a) you are a state or political subdivision thereof within the meaning of Section 103(c) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended (the “Code”); and (b) you have the power and authority under applicable law to enter into this Agreement and you have been duly authorized to execute and deliver this Agreement and carry out your obligations hereunder. You acknowledge that a portion of each Periodic Payment you shall pay includes interest and that this Agreement is entered into based on the assumption that the interest portion of each Periodic Payment is not includible in gross income of the owner thereof for Federal income tax purposes under Section 103(a) of the Code. You shall, at all times, do and perform all acts and things necessary and within your control in order to assure that such interest component shall be so excluded. If any interest is determined not to be excludible from gross income, your Periodic Payment shall be adjusted in an amount sufficient to maintain our original after tax yield utilizing our consolidated marginal tax rate, which adjusted PeriodicPayments you agree to pay as provided in this Agreement, subject to Section 8. The rate at which the interest portion of Periodic Payments is calculated is not intended to exceed the maximum rate or amount of interest permitted by applicable law. If such interest portion exceeds such maximum, then at our option, if permitted by law, the interest portion will be reduced to the legally permitted maximum amount of interest, and any excess will be used to reduce the principal amount of your obligation or be refunded to you. You shall not do (or cause to be done) any act which will cause, or by omission of any act allow, this Agreement to be an “arbitrage bond” within the meaning of Section 148(a) of the Code or a “private activity bond” within the meaning of Section 141(a) of the Code. At the time of your execution of this Agreement, you shall provide us with a properly prepared and executed copy of the appropriate US Treasury Form 8038-G or 8038-GC and you appoint us as your agent for the purpose of maintaining a registration system as required by Section 149(a) of the Code. This Section shall survive the termination of this Agreement.


10. Warranties

We warrant that all PBI-branded equipment (“PBI Equipment”) will be free from defects in material and workmanship and will perform according to the operator guides for a period of ninety days from the date (i) the PBI Equipment is installed at your location when PBI installs the PBI Equipment for you or (ii) the PBI Equipment is delivered to you when you can install it yourself. The DI2000™ inserting system has its own unique warranty that you can see at

(a) A defect doesn’t include the failure of rates within a rate update to conform to published rates.

(b) We warrant that any service (“Service”) we perform under the SLA set out in Sections 20 through 25 will be performed in a professional and workmanlike manner.


(d) There is no warranty for PBI Equipment that needs to be repaired or replaced because of any Excluded Circumstance. “Excluded Circumstance” is a circumstance outside of PBI’s control, including an accident, your negligent or reckless use of the equipment, use of the equipmentwhich exceeds our recommendations or in a way not authorized by this Agreement or any operator guide, use of the equipment in an environment with unsuitable humidity, line voltage, damage in transit, software virus, loss of data, loss or fluctuation of power, fire, flood or other natural causes, and other external forces beyond our control, servicing of the equipment by someone other than us, failure to use required software updates, use of the equipment with any system where we have told you that we will no longer provide support or that we have advised you is no longer compatible, or use of third party supplies (such as ink), hardware or software that results in (i) damage to equipment (including damage to printheads), (ii) poor indicia, text or image print quality, (iii) indicia readability failures or (iv) a failure to print indicia, text or images.

(e) The print engine(s), print engine components, structural components and printed circuit board assemblies supplied with or within the PBI Equipment may be reclaimed, reconditioned or remanufactured. These items are warranted to perform according to the same standards as the equivalent new item.

(f) The warranty doesn’t cover ink, integrated printhead/ink cartridges, ink rollers, toner and drum cartridges, ribbons and similar items (“Consumable Supplies”).


11. Limitation of Liability



12. Default and Remedies

(a)   If you don’t make any payment within three days after the due date shown on our invoice, you breach any other obligation under this Agreement or under any other agreement with Pitney Bowes and such breach continues for thirty days after we give you notice or you become insolvent or file for bankruptcy, you will be in default and we may:

            (i)  cancel this Agreement and any other agreements Pitney Bowes has with you;

            (ii)  require you to pay to us immediately all amounts payable under the Lease or other agreements, whether then due or payable in the future;

            (iii)    disable the Meter;

            (iv)   require you to return the Equipment and Meter, and delete or remove software; and deny you access to software;

            (v)    if you don’t return the Equipment, require you to immediately pay to us an amount equal to the value of the Equipment, as determined by us;

            (vi)   charge you a late charge for each month that your payment is late;

            (vii)  charge you a check return fee for payments made by you with insufficient funds; and

            (viii)  pursue any other remedy, including repossessing the Equipment and Meter without notice to you. To the extent permitted by law, you waive any notice of our repossession or disposition of the Equipment or Meter. By repossessing the Equipment or Meter, we aren’t waiving our right to collect the balance due.

(b)   You agree to pay all our costs, including attorneys’ fees, incurred in enforcing our rights.

(c)   We may suspend any services during any period that your account is more than thirty days past due.

13. Taxes

If permitted by law, you agree to pay us for all applicable sales, use, property, purchase or other taxes (excluding taxes on net income) related to the Lease or Equipment rental agreement or Meter Services agreement based on or measured by your payments, the Equipment, Equipment location, Meter and Meter location. We will determine the amount of all property and similar taxes to be charged to you based on our reasonable valuation of the Equipment or of the Meter, taking into consideration tax rates and depreciation. If any of these taxes are applicable, you agree to pay a tax administrative charge set by uswithout reference to the tax charged or services performed; such fee and charge won’t exceed a total of $35 per year for each Lease schedule or Equipment rental agreement or Meter Services agreement. 


14. Embedded Software; Applications

(a)    Our Equipment may contain embedded software. For embedded software, you agree that: (i) we and our licensors own the copyrights and other intellectual property to it; (ii) you are licensed only to use it with our Equipment in which it resides; (iii) you won’t copy, modify, de-compile, or attempt to unbundle, reverse engineer or create derivative works of it; and (iv) you won’t distribute or disclose it (or any portion) to anyone. The embedded software may contain third party software which is subject to any terms accompanying it. Technical support for embedded software will be given according to the SLA covering the Equipment with the embedded software.

(b)   Certain products and services may provide you an opportunity to access applications provided by us or a third party. These applications may have their own terms and conditions applicable to your use of the applications located within them.


15. Internet Access Point

The internet connectivity for the Equipment or Meter may use an internet access point provided by us. You may only use this access point for connectivity between the Equipment or Meter and the internet and for no other purpose. You agree to pay all costs resulting from the use of the access point in violation of this restriction.


16. Security Interest

You grant us a purchase money security interest in the Equipment, any replacements, and any proceeds from the sale of the Equipment, to secure payment of any balance due. We have the right to recover the Equipment if you haven’t paid for it. We may file a copy of this Agreement as a financing statement with the State authorities. If you are leasing Equipment, you authorize us to file a Uniform Commercial Code financing statement naming you as debtor/lessee with respect to the Equipment in order to protect our interest in the Equipment.


17. Analog Connectivity



18. Delivery

You bear all shipping charges for physical delivery of the Equipment, Meters and software.

19. Miscellaneous

(a)   We will use your information in accordance with our Privacy Statement.

(b)    You agree to use the Equipment and Meter only for business or commercial purposes, and not for personal, family, or household purposes.

(c)   We aren’t responsible for any delay or failure to perform resulting from causes outside of our control.

(d)   You may not assign this Agreement without our prior written consent. Any assignment without our consent is void.

(e)    Payments aren’t subject to setoff or reduction.


(g)   We can only change this Agreement if we both agree to do so in writing. You may use a purchase order to offer to obtain equipment or services but none of its provisions will modify or supersede these provisions unless we expressly agree in writing. If any provision in this Agreement is found to be invalid or unenforceable, the remaining provisions won’t be affected.

(h)   Our respective rights and obligations under Sections 11 (Limitation of Liability), 12 (Default and Remedies) and 13 (Taxes) will survive termination of this Agreement.

(i)    We may deliver any notice and other communication to you under this Agreement by email to the email address that we have on file for you. You agree to the delivery of these notices and other communications by email. We may call you at any number you give to us.

(j)    This Agreement is governed by the laws of the State of Delaware.

(k)    You agree that we can use your name in a client list and identify you as a client when communicating with prospective clients, in each case along with our product or service that you are using. You agree that we can use your name and logo in marketing content, including in an advertising campaign, with your prior consent.

(l)You agree to comply with all applicable export control laws and regulations.



20. Applicability of SLA


This SLA section applies to you if we have entered into an agreement to provide service for any Equipment we lease, rent or sell on the Order, excluding Equipment with charges based on volume of use (“Usage-based Equipment”) and any DI2000™ (the covered equipment is called “Covered Equipment”).


21. Service Level Options

(a)  (i) If you sign up for Standard SLA on the Order, PBI will provide at its option either repair or replacement services for the Covered Equipment during the Initial Service Term or any Renewal Service Term (each term as defined in Section 21) (the “Service Term”). You are also entitled to:

(x) the replacement of printheads for Covered Equipment without additional charge, except for printheads which need to be replaced as a result of any Excluded Circumstance, and except for integrated printhead/ink cartridges; and (y) two preventative maintenance service calls per calendar year. PBI will notify you when preventative maintenance is due or you can request preventative maintenance service. You are responsible for Covered Equipment until PBI receives it. If your Covered Equipment needs repair, PBI may provide repair by remote access, diagnostics and service and/or by on-site repair service. Repair service is provided only for damage resulting from normal wear and tear. Repair service may include the use of new, reconditioned, or remanufactured parts and assemblies. PBI will provide parts or assemblies for discontinued equipment (or equipment not marketed as new) only if available. If PBI deems it necessary, PBI will dispatch a service technician to arrive at your location for on-site service. You won’t incur hourly charges unless service is performed outside Normal Working Hours, which will be done only with your consent. “Normal Working Hours” means 8 a.m. – 5 p.m., Monday – Friday, excluding PBI-observed U.S. holidays, in the time zone where the Equipment or other items are located.

      (ii) If PBI determines that replacement of Covered Equipment is necessary, PBI will, at no additional cost to you, promptly ship new, reconditioned, or remanufactured equipment of the same or a functionally equivalent model to replace the affected Covered Equipment. Unless PBI instructs you otherwise, within five days of receiving the replacement equipment, you must pack the Covered Equipment to be replaced in the shipping carton that contained the replacement equipment, place the pre-paid return address label on the carton, and return it to PBI. You are responsible for Covered Equipment until PBI receives it.


(b)    If you are eligible to receive Performance SLA under our policies and you sign up for Performance SLA on the Order, you will be entitled to receive: (i) all coverage provided under Standard SLA; and (ii) one two-hour application consultation for your mailing and shipping needs. If PBI determines that on-site service is necessary, PBI will use commercially reasonable efforts to have a service technician on-site (during Normal Working Hours only) within 4 hours or 8 hours, as specified on the Order, after PBI has determined that it can’t resolve the issue remotely (the “Response Time Commitment”). The Response Time Commitment relates solely to the arrival of a technician at your location. It isn’t a guaranteed resolution of the problem within the Response Time Commitment period, and it doesn’t guarantee that all parts necessary to make a repair will be on-site within this time frame. The Response Time Commitment does not apply to Service designated as service by replacement, relocation services, software maintenance, preventative maintenance, operator training, or other services not essential to repair the Covered Equipment. If the Covered Equipment is moved from its original location, PBI may, at its option, remove the Response Time Commitment. If this happens, you will receive Standard SLA and we will adjust the SLA charges payable by you appropriately. If we don’t meet the Response Time Commitment, we will provide you with a credit equal to the difference between the cost of Standard SLA and Performance SLA for three months. In order to receive this credit, you must use a credit request form which you can obtain from your service technician or by calling the Customer Care Center. The credits are limited to credits for four failures to meet the Response Time Commitment in any twelve-month period during the Service Term. These remedies are your sole remedy for PBI’s failure to meet the Response Time Commitment.


22. Service Term

PBI will provide you with Service for twelve months, if you don’t have a Lease, or the Lease Term, if you are leasing Equipment (the “Initial Service Term”). SERVICE AUTOMATICALLY RENEWS FOR CONSECUTIVE ONE YEAR TERMS (EACH A “RENEWAL SERVICE TERM”) UNLESS YOU TERMINATE YOUR SERVICE AS PROVIDED BELOW OR THE LEASE EXPIRES OR IS TERMINATED OR THE RENEWAL IS PROHIBITED BY LAW. If you don’t wish to renew Service, you must deliver a written notice (the “Termination Notice”) at least 60 days (or 30 days if you are in Wisconsin) prior to the renewal of the term to us at 2225 America Drive, Neenah, WI 54956 or you may notify us by creating a case at (follow the instructions under “how to create a case”). Your Termination Notice must include your customer account number or CAN and lease number (if applicable). PBI reserves the right not to renew your SLA for any reason.


23. SLA Fees

You will pay the SLA fees for the Initial Service Term and any Renewal Service Term(s). We may increase the SLA fees after the Initial Service Term, and any increases will be reflected on your invoice. If you receive service for repairs caused by any Excluded Circumstance, PBI will charge you for the service at PBI’s current hourly rates and for any required parts. If you exceed the cycle volume of your Equipment specified on the Order, PBI may bill you for the additional cycles over the specified cycle volume (the additional cycles are called the “Overage”). The charge will be determined by reference to the rate in effect at the time that we determine that an Overage exists. Upon request, you will provide the cycle volume to us. If you do not provide the cycle volume to us, we will estimate the cycle volume and send an invoice to you for any Overage based on our estimate. If, in the prior quarter, we estimated cycle volume and later receive actual cycle volume, then we will make adjustments based on actual usage on your next invoice.


24. Service Changes

PBI may modify its Service by giving written notice to you (a “Service Change Notice”), which will state whether the change is material. After receiving a Service Change Notice, if the change is material, you may terminate Service by giving us a termination notice at the address indicated in Section 21 or you may create a case at (follow the instructions under “how to create a case”).


25. Additional Service Terms

You can’t elect to have Service apply to some but not all of the items of Equipment. Service doesn’t include services and repairs that are made necessary due to any Excluded Circumstance. Service excludes the supply of postal and carrier rate changes and Consumable Supplies. If you replace any of your Covered Equipment during the Service Term, and the replacement Equipment qualifies for Services, PBI will automatically enroll you for maintenance coverage on the new Equipment at PBI’s then current annual rates. If you acquire an attachment, or add a unit, to your Covered Equipment, PBI will provide coverage for each attachment or unit which we determine qualifies for coverage under the SLA and adjust your rate accordingly. If you choose not to continue coverage on the replacement Equipment, attachment or unit, you may cancel Service for the item within thirty days of the date of your initial invoice for the item from PBI. If you cancel, any further maintenance or repair services on the Equipment, attachment or unit will be subject to PBI’s current rates. Standard SLA will apply to rented Equipment at no additional charge.



26. Equipment Rental and Meter Services

(a)   If your order includes a Meter, we will invoice you the Meter Services fees listed on the Order. After the period listed on the Order (the “Initial Term”), we may increase the Meter Services fees upon at least 30 days’ prior written notice. When you receive notice of an increase, you may terminate your Meter Services only as of the date the increase becomes effective.

(b)   At the end of the Initial Term, unless prohibited by law, the rental term and Meter Services term convert to successive month to month extensions. You may choose to cancel the month to month extensions at any time by giving us 30 days’ written notice to the address in Section 21 or by creating a case at (follow the instructions under “how to create a case”). Upon expiration of the term of the rental or Meter Services, you agree to return Equipment and Meters covered by the rental and Meter Services agreement in their original condition, reasonable wear and tear excepted. We reserve the right to recover or disable the Meter and terminate your use at any time if you are in violation of USPS regulations.


27. Postage

You may transfer funds to The Pitney Bowes Bank, Inc. (the “Bank”) for deposit into your Reserve Account that you maintain with the Bank (your “Reserve Account”) or you may transfer funds to the United States Postal Service (the “USPS”) through a lockbox bank (a “Lockbox Bank”). See the “USPS Acknowledgment of Deposit” below for more information. Until the end of the Initial Term, we may charge you a fee of up to $15.00 for refilling your postage. After the Initial Term, we may increase postage refill fees upon 30 days prior written notice. If you participate in any PBI, PBGFS, or Bank postage advance programs (such as Purchase Power®), we will advance payment on your behalf to the USPS, subject to repayment by you under the terms of the postage advance program and billed separately from your Meter Services fees


28. Meter Repair or Replacement; Meter Care and Risk of Loss

If the Meter malfunctions or fails due to reasons other than an Excluded Circumstance, we will repair or replace the Meter. You agree to take proper care of the Meter(s), as stated in this Agreement and any user documentation. You assume all risk of loss or damage to the Meter(s) while you have possession.


29. Terms of Use of Meter; Federal Regulations

You may use the Meter solely for the purpose of processing your mail, provided that you are authorized by the USPS to use the Meter, and that you comply with (i) this Agreement, (ii) any operator guide and (iii) all USPS regulations. You agree to use only attachments or printing devices authorized by us. You must receive our written consent before moving the Equipment or Meter to a different location. Federal regulations require that we own the Meter. Tampering with or misusing the Meter is a violation of federal law. Activities of the USPS, including the payment of refunds for postage by the USPS to clients, will be made in accordance with the current Domestic Mail Manual. If (i) the Meter is used in any unlawful scheme, (ii) isn’t used for any consecutive 12 month period, (iii) you take the Meter or allow the Meter to be taken outside the United States without proper written permission of USPS Headquarters, (iv) you enter a series of unpaid or short-paid mail pieces and/or packages in the mail stream, (v) you offer, sell or allow the use of the shipping rates that we offer to you under this Agreement to or by any other party, (vi) you are in possession of a decertified system, or (vii) you otherwise fail to abide by the postal regulations and this Agreement regarding care and use of the Meter, then this Agreement and any related Meter Services agreement may be revoked. You acknowledge that any use of a Meter that fraudulently deprives the USPS of revenue can cause you to be subject to civil and criminal penalties applicable to fraud and/or false claims against the United States. The submission of a false or fraudulent statement can result in imprisonment of up to 5 years and fines of up to $10,000 (18 U.S.C. 1001) and a civil penalty of up to$5,000 plus an assessment of twice the amount falsely claimed (3 U.S.C. 3802). The mailing of matter bearing a fraudulent postage meter imprint is an example of a violation of these statutes. You are responsible for immediately reporting (within 72 hours or less) the theft or loss of the Meter to us. Failure to comply with this notification provision in a timely manner may result in the denial of refund of any funds remaining on the Meter at the time of loss or theft. You understand that the rules and regulations regarding the use of this Meter as documented in the Domestic Mail Manual may be updated from time to time by the USPS and it is your obligation to comply with any rules and regulations regarding its use.

(b) You agree that you will not offer, sell or allow the use of the shipping rates that we offer to you under this Agreement to or by any other party.

(c) HAZMAT Requirement. You acknowledge that the USPS has implemented standards and requirements for shipment of parcels containing hazardous materials, including Publication 52, New Mailing Standards for the Separation of Hazardous Materials (87 Federal Register 73459), as well as replacement or supplemental regulations, and you agree to comply with all rules and regulations implemented by the USPS relating to handling of shipments of parcels containing hazardous materials, including labeling, packaging, and separation in the tendering of parcels to the USPS .

(d) USPS Privacy Act Statement. Your information will be used to facilitate the purchase of USPS postage and fulfill transactional reporting requirements for USPS postage systems. Collection is authorized by 39 U.S.C. 401, 403, and 404. Providing the information is voluntary, but if not provided, your transaction may not be processed. USPS does not disclose your information to third parties without your consent, except to facilitate the transaction, to act on your behalf or request, or as legally required. This includes the following limited circumstances: to a congressional office on your behalf; to financial entities regarding financial transaction issues; to a USPS auditor; to entities, including law enforcement, as required by law or in legal proceedings; and to contractors and other entities aiding us to fulfill the State and Local LTOP Agreement (Version 7/23) 11service (service providers). For more information regarding USPS privacy policies, visit

30. Rate Updates and Soft-Guard® Program

Your Meter or Equipment may require periodic rate updates that you will obtain under our Soft-Guard program. We will provide rate updates only if required due to a postal or carrier change in rate, service, ZIP Code™ or zone change. The Soft-Guard program doesn’t cover any change in rates due to custom rate changes, new classes of carrier service, or a change in ZIP Code or zone due to equipment relocation. We won’t be responsible for any losses arising out of or resulting from the failure of rating or software downloads to conform to published rates.


31. Collection of Information

You authorize us to access and download information from your Meter or from your PC Postage account. We may disclose this information to the USPS or other authorized governmental entity. We won’t share with any third parties (except the USPS or other governmental entity) individually identifiable information that we obtain about you in this manner unless required to by law or court order. We may elect to share aggregate data about our clients’ postage usage with third parties.


32. Value Based Services

Value based services are services the USPS provides, including e-Return Receipt and USPS Confirmation Services. Any fees the USPS charges for these services are your responsibility to pay for and are payable the same way that you pay for postage. The USPS is solely responsible for its services. We are not responsible for any malfunctions of any part of the communication link connecting the Meter with the USPS data system. We have the right to terminate the value based services if the USPS discontinues offering the service or you breach your obligations under this Agreement and fail to cure the breach within thirty days after you have been notified in writing.




33. Acknowledgement of Deposit

This section of this Agreement provides you with the sections that the USPS requires we include in any agreement where we are renting a Meter. The USPS requires that we use specific language. The “acknowledgement of deposit” terms are as follows:


(a)     In connection with your use of a Postage Evidencing System, you may transfer funds to the USPS through a Lockbox Bank for the purpose of prepayment of postage on Postage Evidencing Systems, generating evidence of postage (a “Deposit”), or you may transfer funds to the Bank for deposit into your Reserve Account.

(b)    To the extent you deposit funds in advance of the use of any evidence of postage, you may make Deposits in the Lockbox Bank account identified as “United States Postal Service CMRS-PB” or make deposits in your Reserve Account, in either case through electronic means, including Automated Clearinghouse Transfers. The USPS may, at its discretion, designate itself or a successor as recipient of Deposits made by you to the Lockbox Bank account described above.

(c)     Any deposit made by you in your Reserve Account is subject to the Reserve Account – Agreement and Disclosure Statement governing your Reserve Account.

(d)    Any Deposit made by you in the Lockbox Bank account shall be credited by the USPS only for the payment of evidence of postage. Such Deposits may be commingled with Deposits of other clients. You shall not receive or be entitled to any interest or other income earned on such Deposits.

(e)    The USPS will provide a refund to you for the remaining account balances of Deposits held by the USPS. These refunds are provided in accordance with the rules and regulations governing deposit of funds for evidence of postage, published in the CFR.

(f)    The Lockbox Bank, which shall collect funds on behalf of the USPS, shall provide PBI, on each business day, information as to the amount of each Deposit made to the USPS by you, so that PBI can update its records.

(g)   PBI may deposit funds on your behalf. The USPS will make no advances of funds to you. Any relationship concerning advances of funds is between you and PBI, PBGFS and/or the Bank.

(h)   You acknowledge that the terms of this Acknowledgement may be changed, modified, or revoked by the USPS, with appropriate notice.

(i)   Postal Regulations governing the deposit of funds are published in the CFR or its successor. You acknowledge that you shall be subject to all applicable rules, regulations, and orders of the USPS, including future changes to such rules, regulations, and orders, and such additional terms and conditions as may be determined in accordance with applicable law. The USPS rules, regulations, and orders shall prevail in the event of any conflict with any other terms and conditions applicable to any Deposit.


Purchase power terms

34. Purchase Power Program

(a)    The Purchase Power credit line is a product of the Bank and is not available to individuals for personal, family, or household purposes. In order to participate in the Purchase Power program (the “Program”), you must provide the information described in paragraph (h) below. You will receive a set of more specific provisions for the Program within thirty days of the date of this Agreement.

(b)   Your Purchase Power account (the “Account”) will be charged for the amount of postage, products, and services requested and the related fees, if applicable. Unless prohibited by law, you agree to pay the fees and charges of which the Bank has given you notice, including those relating to: (i) applicable transaction or overage fees (ii) your failure to pay in a timely manner; (iii) your exceeding your credit line; and (iv) fees attributable to the return of any checks.

(c)     You will receive a billing statement for each billing cycle in which you have activity in the Account. The Bank may deliver any statement electronically to the email address that is on file for you. Payments are due by the due date shown on your billing statement. You may pay the entire balance due or a portion of the balance, provided that you pay at least the minimum payment shown on the statement. In the event of a partial payment, you will be responsible for the unpaid balance.

(d)   (i) By using the Program, you agree that whenever there is an unpaid balance outstanding on the Account which is not paid in full by the due date shown on your billing statement, the Bank will charge you, and you will pay, interest on the unpaid balance of the Account from time to time, for each day from the date the transaction is posted to the Account until the date the unpaid balance is paid in full, at a variable rate equal to the Annual Percentage Rate applicable to the Account from time to time. (ii) The Annual Percentage Rate applicable to the Account will be: the greater of (x) 22% and (y) the sum of the highest “Prime Rate” published in the “Money Rates” section of The Wall Street Journal on the last business day of the month and the margin set forth below (the sum of the margin and the Prime Rate is herein called the “Floating Rate”). The Annual Percentage Rate will be adjusted on a monthly basis based on any fluctuation in the Floating Rate, if applicable. Any change in the Annual Percentage Rate based on the calculation described in this section will become effective on the first day of your next billing cycle. (iii) The margin which will be added to the Prime Rate to determine the Floating Rate will be 14.75% (using the Prime Rate in effect as of December 31, 2019, the daily periodic rate would be .05342%and the corresponding annual percentage rate would be 19.50%). (iv) The Account balance that is subject to a finance charge each day will include (x) outstanding balances, minus any payments and credits received by the Bank on the Account that day, and (y) unpaid interest, fees, and other charges on the Account. (v) The Bank will charge a minimum finance charge of $1.00 in any billing cycle if the finance charge as calculated above is less than $1.00. (vi) Each payment that you make will be applied to reduce the outstanding balance of the Account and replenish your available credit line. (vii) The Bank may refuse to extend further credit if the amount of a requested charge plus your existing balance exceeds your credit limit.

(e)   The Bank may at any time close or suspend the Account, and may refuse to allow further charges to the Account. Cancellation or suspension will not affect your obligation to pay any amounts you owe.

(f)   The Bank can amend any of the provisions and terms related to the Program at any time by written notice to you (including by electronic notice via the email address that is then on file for you). You are consenting to electronic delivery of any amendments to the Program terms. Each time you use the Program, you are signifying your acceptance of the terms then in effect. An amendment becomes effective on the date stated in the notice and will apply to any outstanding balance on the Account. The Bank may terminate the Program at any time and will notify you in the event of any termination. Any outstanding obligation will survive termination of the Program.

(g)    The Program and any advances are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Utah and applicable federal law.

(h)    USA PATRIOT Act - To help the government fight the funding of terrorism and money laundering activities, Federal law requires financial institutions to obtain, verify and record information that identifies each person who opens an account. Accordingly, in order to activate the Account, the Bank asks that you agree to provide identifying information, including your address and taxpayer identification number. The Bank may also ask for additional identifying information, where appropriate, including asking that your representative who is opening the Account provide his/her name, address, date of birth, driver’s license and/or other documents and information that will allow the Bank to identify him/her. You agree to provide all such requested identifying information.



35.   Software

If you are acquiring an on-premise software license or on-demand subscription services, additional terms apply which are available by clicking on the hyperlink for that software or subscription service located at . Those additional terms are incorporated by reference.


36. DI2000 Inserting SystemTerms

Certain provisions which apply when you purchase, lease or rent a DI2000 inserting system and when you purchase a service plan for it are set forth at and are incorporated by reference. Those provisions govern to the extent that they are inconsistent with the other terms of this Agreement.


37. PBBackup and PC-Backup ServiceTerms

Certain provisions which apply when you utilize the PBBackup or PC-Backup services are set forth at and are incorporated by reference.


38. Lockers

If you are acquiring lockers, your Order may include on-demand subscription services and a statement of work. We are not responsible for the contents of the lockers. If we provide on-site service, one of your employees must accompany our service technician at all times during the service. You are solely responsible for selecting the location for the installation of the lockers, and for the safety and security of the individuals using the lockers. You must keep the Equipment insured against Loss for its full replacement value under a comprehensive policy of Insurance.


39. AddressRight® Printers

Certain provisions which apply when you purchase, lease or rent an AddressRight Printer are set forth at and are incorporated by reference. Those provisions govern to the extent that they are inconsistent with the other terms of this Agreement.


40.  DM Infinity

In no event shall the term for a DM Infinity meter agreement go beyond June 30, 2026. In addition, in no event shall a new DM Infinity meter be placed (installed) after June 30, 2024.

By entering into this agreement you acknowledge the metering function as well as support for the DM Infinity meter under this agreement will end on June 30, 2026 due to USPS regulations. This means that the metering device will stop functioning on June 30, 2026 and you will not be able to meter your mail. Mail processed on a DM Infinity meter after June 30, 2026 will not be accepted by the USPS.


41. PitneyShip™ Cube

Certain provisions which apply when you purchase a service plan for PitneyShip Cube are set forth at and are incorporated by reference