Finding Your Pitney Bowes Account Numbers

UPDATED: October 18, 2017

Learn how to find your account numbers to help you manage your transactions with Pitney Bowes and assist during your reporting processes.

  • Individual Rental, Supplies, Sales (Equipment) & Service: 10-digit Account Number
    You have been assigned a 10-digit BPN (Business Partner Number) account number, to help streamline access to your information and make it easier for you to manage your business with us.
  • Lease: 10-digit Number
    Your lease has a 10-digit BPN account number. Find the lease number on the top of your invoice or statement.
     TIP: When you receive your 10-digit number, create your online account and learn about online billing features. Refer to your account number(s) when making your payments with a check or electronically.

  • Purchase Power®: 16-digit Account Number
    If you have an active Purchase Power line of credit, you will have a 16-digit account number. Find this account number at the top of your Purchase Power statement. If you are registered with a Pitney Bowes online account, you can also see it through our Total Postage Management reporting tool.
  • Postage By Phone (PBP): 8-digit Account Number
    The postage account - sometimes referred to as Postage By Phone (PBP) or Reserve Account - is the number associated with refilling postage on your meter or with organizing your postage funds. Postage payment methods are typically linked to this 8-digit number. Find this number at the top of your Reserve Account or PBP invoice. You can also get this number by running a Funds Report: select your meter & learn how to a run report.