Running a Meter Balance report in SendPro Analytics

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Products affected: SendPro® Analytics

Use the meter balance report instead of calling or visiting mailrooms to track balances. This report shows every meter in the enterprise, the latest available balance, and the last transaction date.

In this scenario, we want to see the unused postage sitting in meters to get an idea of which meters are being over-funded, and which are under-funded.

  1. Click Reports in the main menu.
  2. Click Postage Refill in the first row of tabs.
  3. Click Meter Balance in the second row of tabs.
  4. De-select Latest Available Balance to see full data for date range (Start, Refill, Spent, End)

Note: The balance for the non-connected meters will only be as recent as the last postage refill or inspection. The balance for always-connected meters will be current.

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UPDATED: August 14, 2021