Running a Postage Spend report in SendPro Analytics

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Products affected: SendPro® Analytics

Run a Postage Spend report to see details about what and where your expenses are.

In this scenario, we want to see which locations have low savings, which machine is used the most, and where postage is being keyed in manually.

  1. Click Reports in the main menu.
  2. Click Postage Spend in the first row of tabs.
    • By default, the Postage Spend tab will be displayed. You can further refine the view by selecting from the lower row of tabs.
  3. Click By Locations
    • Click Total Savings twice to sort low to high. This is a high-level view of your locations. The rows can be expanded to show each device at a location.
  4. Click By Products
    • Click Piece Count twice to sort high to low. This report shows which products are running the most mail. The rows can be expanded to show mailing and shipping details if you have devices that do both. Acting on this report could lead to upgrades or reallocation of devices, and further savings.
  5. By Carrier and Class
    • The Keyed In Postage row shows where operators are manually entering postage instead of using the meter's functions for selecting the appropriate class and weight.

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UPDATED: August 14, 2021