Feeding envelopes on the SendPro C Auto

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Products affected: SendPro® C Auto (9H00)

Your SendPro C Auto can automatically feed a stack of envelopes.

Before you begin

  • All envelopes in a single stack must be the same width and thickness.
  • All envelopes in a single stack must be sealed or unsealed. Mixing sealed and unsealed envelopes in a stack will cause a jam in the moistener.

Insert the envelopes into the feeder

  1. Slant the stack of envelopes as shown so the bottom envelope feeds first.
  2. Place the stack of mail on the feed deck. Place the envelopes with the flap side facing down and the top edge against the rear wall.
    Envelope stack in SendPro Auto feeder
  3. Slide the side guide up to the mail stack. Leave about 1/8" space (about the thickness of 2 quarters) between the stack and the side guide so the envelopes do not drag against the guide. 
    Envelope stack, side guide on SendPro Auto
  4. Push the stack into the feeder until you feel resistance. The image shows how far into the feeder you need to position the stack. The side guide is pulled away to show the edge of the envelopes.
    Feeding envelope stack on SendPro C Auto
  5. Set the desired moistener setting for your envelopes. In this photo, "no seal" is selected.
    moistener switch set to "no seal"
  6. Tap Start on the Envelope Printing screen. The system automatically feeds the envelopes and prints the postage.
    • If you are using a stacker, extend the stacker tray so that the envelopes exit the feeder completely.
    • If you are moistening the envelope flaps, press down on the envelopes after printing to ensure the flaps are securely glued closed.

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UPDATED: July 29, 2021