Importing and exporting files in Cost Accounting

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Products affected: Cost Accounting

You can import and export account information using a CSV (Comma Separated Value) file (extension ".csv"). The easiest way to edit this file type is in Microsoft® Excel.

Important considerations

  • Each field must be separated by a comma.
  • Avoid using commas in values. If commas are used, surround the values with quotes (").
  • For simpler editing, you can open and edit the file in Excel and save the changes as file type ".csv" .
  • Lines beginning with '#' are ignored by the Import operation.

Required headings in the CSV file

  • AccountName
  • SubAccountName
  • SubSubAccountName
  • AccountCode
  • SubAccountCode
  • SubSubAccountCode
  • Description – this field may be left blank.
  • Status – this field is required (Y- Active, N- Inactive). "Active" allows the account to be selected for mailing.
  • Password – this field may be left blank.
  • Delete –This value (Y - Delete, N - Do not delete) can be used to delete the referenced account from the cost account list.

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UPDATED: August 14, 2021