Printing the rate summary report on the DM100i-DM225

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Products affected: DM100®i, DM125™, DM200L™, DM225™
  1. Press Reports.
  2. Select Printable report.
  3. Press Page Down.
  4. Select Rates Summary Rpt.
  5. When prompted, insert a tape sheet or envelope into the machine. After your report prints, your system returns back to the Printable reports menu.
  6. Press Clear (back arrow key) to return to the Report type menu, or press Home to return to the Main screen.
  • For multi-page reports, you get prompted to insert another envelope or tape sheet.
  • The rates summary report provides a summary of the active rate files in your system.
  • Print this report to confirm that you have downloaded the latest rates.

UPDATED: May 29, 2020