The device does not clamp envelopes on the SendPro Mailstation

If your SendPro Mailstation does not clamp envelopes when you feed them, you may be able to resolve the issue by restarting the device.
Products affected: SendPro® Mailstation, SendPro® Mailstation LITE (HZ0L)


The device does not clamp envelopes when you feed them.


Solution 1: Restart the device

  1. Disconnect the power cord from the back of the machine.
  2. Wait ten seconds.
  3. Plug the cord back in firmly.
  4. Tap the power button.

If this doesn't work, go to Solution 2.

Solution 2: Clean the feed deck

With a can of non-flammable pressurized air, blow air onto the feed deck and through the printer area starting on the left side of the device and work towards the right side of the transport deck. Make sure you remove all dust and debris.

If this doesn't work, go to solution 3.

Solution 3: Test the feeder

Run a test pattern to assess print quality. Clean the print nozzles if you print a bad quality test pattern.

  1. Tap Settings.settings
  2. Tap Ink Functions.
  3. Tap Print Test Pattern.
  4. When the screen displays Create a Test Print, insert an envelope or tape sheet into the slot, pushing in all the way to the back and right. The device should clamp the letter and print a test pattern. The power button will flash while the device prints.


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UPDATED: June 21, 2023