Positioning a barcode in Relay Integrity Pro

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Products affected: Relay® Integrity Pro

Use the Barcode Location function to move the position of the barcode one a sample page.

  1. In the Options Screen, click Barcode Location.
  2. Click Load Sample File.
  3. Navigate to the location of the sample file. . The first mail piece of a sample file should contain a mail piece with the maximum number of pages being processed, and the maximum amount of data and print.
    barcode location
  4. Move the barcode locator (1) to the desired location on the page. The clear zone (2) will automatically be positioned around the barcode. Use the Page Scroll buttons to check that the Barcode locator and Clear zone do not infringe upon any data or graphics on subsequent pages within the file.
    • IMPORTANT: Anything inside the clear zone box will not be printed.
    • Only the Front Page Barcode Locator can be moved. The Rear Page Barcode Locator will be positioned automatically on the rear page (directly behind the Front Barcode Locator position). This allows you to check that there is a clear zone on both the front and rear pages, because print in these areas may be misread read by the barcode reader.
    • Relay Integrity Pro will automatically remove any print located within the Barcode Locator and Clear Zone areas on the front page of the mail piece
    • Avoid placing the barcode locator on any areas which are pre-printed on the paper stock to be used for the mailing. Pre-printed areas will not be displayed on the sample file
  5. Click OK.

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UPDATED: October 14, 2021