Creating job settings in Relay Integrity Pro

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Products affected: Relay¬ģ Integrity Pro

The Options screen is where you specify your Relay model, fold type, and paper size.

  1. In the Home screen, click Options.
    job options screen
  2. Leave the folder paths (1) as the default setting.
  3. Select your inserter model (2).
  4. Select the Fold Type (3). This will be grayed out for models 2500-4500.
  5. (Optional) Select Print after Processing (4) to send the job directly to a printer instead of a file.
  6. Select printing options (5).
  7. Set a threshold for Overcount(6).
  8. Select a Paper Size(7).
  9. (Optional) Click Barcode Location(8) to load a sample file and set your barcode location on the page.
  10. (Optional) Click Advanced Options(9) to specify your barcode size and shape, along with other options.
  11. Select the options for your job, then click OK.
  12. Click the Jobs pull-down menu, then select Save Job.

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UPDATED: October 14, 2021