Processing files in Relay Integrity Pro

Follow these steps to load a PDF, select a job, and process your mail in Relay Integrity Pro.
Products affected: Relay® Integrity Pro

To apply barcodes to a batch of files contained in one or more PDFs, follow these steps:

  1. Add your PDF to the input folder
  2. Load a job
  3. Process your file

Step 1: Add your files to the input folder

  1. Copy your PDF(s) to the input folder. The default location is This PC\Documents\RIP\Input.

Step 2: Load a job

  1. Launch Relay Integrity Pro. The information pane in the Home screen will show the current loaded job.
    information pane
  2. If the required job is loaded, go to Step 3.
  3. f the required job is not loaded:
    1. Click Options.
    2. Click the Jobs menu, click Load Job and select the desired job.
      options window select jobs
    3. Click OK.
    4. Click OK again.

Step 3: Process your file

  1. Click Process in the Home screen. The processed file will be sent to the Output folder. If you selected Print After Processing in the Options window, the files will be automatically sent to the designated printer.

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UPDATED: May 04, 2022