Voiding a shipment in the SendPro Enterprise View app

Learn how to void a shipment in the SendPro Enterprise View app.
Products affected: SendPro® Enterprise

Important: Voiding cannot be undone.

  1. Navigate to the View App.
  2. Browse or search to find the shipment you wish to void:
    • Browse:
      1. Click SEARCH.
      2. Use the table navigation arrows to locate the shipment you wish to void.
    • Search:
      1. Enter search criteria in any of the available fields:
        • Date From
        • Date To
        • Shipment Status
        • Keyword (order number, tracking number, customer name, etc.)
  3. Select the shipment you wish to void.
  4. Select the appropriate void type:
    • Void Shipment: Voids all packages in a multi-pack shipment
    • Void Package: Voids only the currently selected package
  5. Click Yes to confirm.
  6. The status of the shipment will change to Voided.

If the shipment was a traceable shipment (has a system-generated tracking number) for the PB SAPI carrier, a refund will be processed automatically. To request a refund for USPS First Class Letters, USPS First Class Flats, Return Labels, and Stamps (rolls and sheets), see SendSuite Xpress, SendSuite Live, SendPro Enterprise USPS IOP and Shipping API Postage Refund Instructions.

UPDATED: November 16, 2021