Printing multiple shipping labels at once in PitneyShip Pro

You can create and print multiple shipping labels at once (in a batch).
Products affected: PitneyShip™ Pro

You can create and print multiple shipping labels at once (in a batch).

Note: This feature cannot be used with US territory addresses, military addresses, P.O. Boxes, or international address.

The features and options you see may vary depending upon your role and subscription. If you have any questions regarding your permissions, please contact your administrator.

  1. On the Shipping Labels tab, select Create Shipping Labels, or from the Shipping & Mailing menu, select Create Shipping Label.
  2. If you need to change the sender (from) address, select the From address in the upper left and select one of the following options:
    • To make a change to the currently selected address, select Edit sender address, make the necessary changes, and select Done.
    • To enter a new sender address, select Add new sender address, enter the address, and select Done.
    • To select a different sender address from your address book, select View all senders and select the desired address.
  3. Select Multiple.
  4. Either select or create the recipient list:
    • Select an existing recipient list from the Select a recipient list menu.
      • If needed, select Add Recipients or Remove Recipients to add or remove recipients from this shipment without editing the saved list.
    • Create a new recipient list:
      1. Select Create new Recipient List.
      2. Select the boxes next to the recipients you wish to add to the list.
      3. Select Continue.
      4. To save the list for future use, enter a name and select Save and Add Recipient. If you do not want to save the list for future use, select Use One Time.
    • Import a recipient list:
      1. Select Import Recipients.
      2. (Optional) To use a template to create your import file, select Download a .csv template. The file sample-address-import.csv will be downloaded.
      3. Select Choose File and choose your import file.
      4. Select Import.
      5. In the Import Contacts window, match your CSV file fields in the Your CSV Fields column with the PitneyShip Pro fields in the Address Book Fieldscolumn. Review the list and make sure that all of the fields are mapped correctly. For any that say Ignore Field, choose the correct field. If you choose Ignore Field, that field will not be imported.
      6. Select Import and Save to save the list for future use, or Import One Time if you do not want to save the list.
  5. If the address verification window appears, select Use Suggested Address to use the USPS's address, Use Mine to use the version of the address in your address book, or Edit to edit the individual address. Select Apply this setting to all addresses in the batch to apply your choice to all of the addresses in this batch.
  6. Select the boxes for the email notifications you wish to send. If Recipient is checked, emails will only be sent to recipients whose contact records contain an email address.
  7. If you use cost accounts, either click in the Cost Account field and start typing the cost account name or code to search, or select the search icon to view the entire account list.
    Search the Cost Account menu
  8. (Optional) Enter Shipper Reference and Shipping Notes if needed. Shipping Notes can contain any notes about the shipment up to 500 characters. For additional reference fields, select More accounting and reference options (optional). The contents of the Shipping Notes and Reference One fields are included in the tracking notification email. Reference Two, Three, and Four are for FedEx only.
  9. Select your packaging from the My Packaging menu. To use carrier-specific packaging, select the carrier from the All Carriers menu at the top, then select the package type from the My Packaging menu.
  10. Select the specific package type from the Type menu.
  11. Enter the package dimensions and weight if required.
  12. Select the Select Services button.
  13. Select the service you wish to use.
  14. Once the service has been selected, choose any extra services you wish to add.
  15. Once all services are chosen, select Apply.
  16. (Optional) To remove recipients from the batch, select the Remove From Batch (delete) icon next to them on the Verify Shipping Rates screen.
    Remove From Batch icon
  17. If you want to check or change the printer settings before printing, select Close, then select Print Options, choose your settings, and select Print.
  18. If you do not need to check your printer settings, select Pay and Process Batch.
    • If Always show these options before printing is selected, the Printer Options window opens. Select your print settings and select Continue.
    • If Always show these options before printing is not selected, the labels will be printed to the selected printer immediately.
    • If Use browser printer is selected, the labels open in a new browser window or tab. Use your browser's print function to print the labels.

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UPDATED: December 06, 2022