Requesting a stamp refund in PitneyShip Pro

You can request a refund up to 30 days from the date on which you printed a stamp.
Products affected: PitneyShip™ Pro

You can request a refund up to 30 days from the date on which you printed a stamp.

The features and options you see may vary depending upon your role and subscription. If you have any questions regarding your permissions, please contact your administrator.

  1. Select Shipping & Mailing > Request a Stamp Refund. The USPS Stamps tab shows only the stamps that are eligible for a refund.
  2. Select the arrow next to the stamp transaction you wish to refund.
  3. Select the boxes next to the individual stamps you wish to refund. You can select stamps from more than one transaction to be refunded at the same time.
    Select stamps to be refunded
  4. Once all of the stamps for which you need to request a refund are selected, select the Print Refund Form button.
    Select the Print Refund Form button
  5. Confirm the stamps to be refunded and select Print Form. To remove stamps from this refund request, uncheck the boxes on this screen.
    Stamp Refund summary
  6. The PDF form opens. Your information and the selected stamps will be filled in on the form. Follow the instructions on the form to complete and mail the form along with the spoiled postage to the address provided.
    Important: The original copies of the spoiled postage must be included along with the form.

You can view your stamp refunds on the USPS Stamp Refunds tab in your Shipping & Postage History.

UPDATED: September 09, 2022

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