Troubleshoot Placing an Order Online

Troubleshooting steps to resolve difficulties that may arise when placing an order online.

A Shipping Address is not Listed 

This occurs for 1 of 2 reasons:
  1. When the account for the desired shipping address has not been linked to your online profile.
Follow these instructions to Add an Account to your profile.
  1. If you have moved and the address has not been updated with Pitney Bowes.
  • Option 1: Use the temporary address override and pay for the order with a credit Card. Note: Go to Manage Accounts and submit a permanent change of address.
  • Option 2: Chat with a supplies agent who can place the order and submit the request to update the address

Credit Card is the only Payment Method Available

This occurs when a manually saved address or temporary address override was done.  Credit card is the only payment option to ensure your account is secure and avoid fraud.
To see all payment option you will need to link your account(s) to your profile. Follow these instructions to Add an Account

Sales Tax is Being Applied but we are Exempt

This occurs for 1 of 2 reasons:
  1. The tax exemption certificate has not been activated for the account selected.
Follow these instructions to Submit Tax-Exempt Certificate.
  1. The shipping address selected was manually added instead of being linked to your profile using your account. Note: You can identify manually added addresses by the Delete option.
  1. Follow these instructions to Add an Account to your online profile.
  2. Once the account has been added change the shipping address in the order from the manually entered address to the linked account.
Note: If the tax exemption certificate has not been activated for the account taxes will still display see instruction to Submit Tax-Exempt Certificate.

UPDATED: April 04, 2023