Managing Your Products Online

Enhancements to Product Management in Your Account
Use your online portal to Manage your associated products. 

Key features:

Sort, view and download a list of your products.
  1. Sort your product list by Product Name, Company, Account Number, or City & State.
  2. Our Filter will quickly get you right to the product you need.
  3. Download your entire product list as a CSV or XLS file.


Easily view alerts for your products.
  1. Instant visibility to product Alerts.
  2. See a snapshot of key product details with the Quick View window.
  3. See complete product information by clicking it within the list.
Your Account Product List en_US.jpg

Expand product information for any meter by selecting the meter from the list.

Access everything you need to know about your product in one place.

The expanded Product view shows you all the key details of what is currently happening on a single page.
  1. Add postage funds to a meter
  2. Change address
  3. Check contract details
  4. Verify postal rates are up-to-date
  5. Check your ink level

UPDATED: June 26, 2023