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Checking your credit limit or postage account balance

View your transaction details and postage balance online or by meter.

online iconONLINE - Go directly to your account details - select a link and sign in now:

 Purchase Power® Line of Credit Account Overview

 Prepaid Accounts Overview
 (Prepaid options: Reserve Account and USPS® Account)

View your current balances, credit limit, postage funds available, monthly minimum due, or download the details as a PDF or CSV file.

TIP: If needed, learn how to create a profile, then access your Purchase Power credit limit and/or Prepaid postage details anytime. 

METER - Select your model for steps to get balance information directly on your machine:


Your 'Account Overview' page gives a summary of Billing and Payment balances under three categories:

 Invoices - this shows the amount due for your lease, rental, service, or supply invoice(s).

 Purchase Power - this shows your line of credit current balance due, and minimum amount due for payment.

 Prepaid Accounts - this shows your current postage balance available for use, if you pre-pay for postage using the Reserve Account or USPS®.

Account Overview billing


TIP: If you have not created your Pitney Bowes online profile, view instructions.

tip icon To see a breakdown of your postage usage by month and by product, view your Pitney Bowes Analytics and Insights Report using your account.