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Checking your credit limit or postage account balance

View balances and transactions online or by Meter.

Online - Select a Go to button and sign in now:

open tab Go to your Summary

Your Summary shows current balances for all Account Types, displayed at the top - total amounts due for payment, and total available balances to use for postage (Credit Lines & Prepaid Accounts). Select an account type from the Summary for details. 

Account Types
 Billing Accounts - invoice amount due to pay for your lease, rental, service, supplies.
 Subscriptions - the amount on your last statements for software and services. 
 Credit Lines - your Purchase Power® credit current balance and minimum amount due for payment; also available balance for use to pay for postage.
 Prepaid Accounts - current balance available for use if you prepay for postage using the Reserve Account or USPS® deposits.

To see postage balances, transaction history and meter refills, go to Account Activity:

  Account Activity

open tab Go to Account Activity

Account Activity consolidates your balance details for Credit Lines (Purchase Power®) and Prepaid (Reserve Account) transactions on a single page. 

See account balances:

  • Select the link at the top, Show account balances.
  • View your total available prepaid balance and/or available credit that can be used to pay for postage, shipping and supplies.

View activity & meter refills:

  • Show activity by Account Number, or select the checkbox for Prepaid accounts, Credit lines or both.
  • Choose Activity Type: "Meter refills only", or "All activity" to show meter refills PLUS other activity, such as payments, purchases and credits.
  • Use the calendar: select up to a 90-day date range to see transactions, refills, and postage added to meter.
  • Download Report: select the link to view a PDF or CSV file of your transactions.

See balances and statements for postage accounts online by Account Type:
 Credit Lines (Purchase Power®)
 Prepaid Accounts (Reserve Account or USPS® deposit account)

Note: You will need to create your account to view transactions and balance details online.

Reserve Account and Purchase Power® are products of The Pitney Bowes Bank Inc., Member FDIC.

meter iconMETER - Select your model for steps to get balance details directly on your machine:

tip icon See a breakdown of postage usage by month and by product: view your Pitney Bowes Analytics and Insights Report using your account.

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UPDATED: July 2, 2019