Checking your credit limit or postage account balance

Learn how to check your credit limit or postage account balance information online or directly on your meter.

View balances and transactions online or by Meter.

Online - Select a Go to button and sign in now:

open tab Go to your Summary

Your Summary shows current balances for all Account Types, displayed at the top - total amounts due for payment, and total available balances to use for postage (Credit Lines & Prepaid Accounts). Select an account type from the Summary for details. 

Account Types
 Billing Accounts - invoice amount due to pay for your lease, rental, service, supplies.
 Subscriptions - the amount on your last statements for software and services. 
 Credit Lines - your Purchase Power® credit current balance and minimum amount due for payment; also available balance for use to pay for postage.
 Prepaid Accounts - current balance available for use if you prepay for postage using the Reserve Account or USPS® deposits.

To see postage balances, transaction history and meter refills, go to Account Activity:

  Account Activity

open tab Go to Account Activity

Account Activity consolidates your balance details for Credit Lines (Purchase Power®) and Prepaid (Reserve Account) transactions on a single page. 

See account balances:

  • Select the link at the top, Show account balances.
  • View your total available prepaid balance and/or available credit that can be used to pay for postage, shipping and supplies.

View activity & meter refills:

  • Show activity by Account Number, or select the checkbox for Prepaid accounts, Credit lines or both.
  • Choose Activity Type: "Meter refills only", or "All activity" to show meter refills PLUS other activity, such as payments, purchases and credits.
  • Use the calendar: select up to a 90-day date range to see transactions, refills, and postage added to meter.
  • Download Report: select the link to view a PDF or CSV file of your transactions.

See balances and statements for postage accounts online by Account Type:
 Credit Lines (Purchase Power®)
 Prepaid Accounts (Reserve Account or USPS® deposit account)

Note: You will need to create your account to view transactions and balance details online.

Reserve Account and Purchase Power® are products of The Pitney Bowes Bank Inc., Member FDIC.

meter iconMETER - Select your model for steps to get balance details directly on your machine:

tip icon See a breakdown of postage usage by month and by product: view your Pitney Bowes Analytics and Insights Report using your account.

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UPDATED: April 2, 2021