Understanding Your Purchase Power Account

UPDATED: August 4, 2017

What is Purchase Power®?
Purchase Power is a Pitney Bowes line of credit that allows you to pay for postage, meter rentals, shipping, and supplies through a single account.

Purchase Power FAQs 

Getting Started
You need to activate your Purchase Power account to use it:

  • Follow the Purchase Power account prompts during your next meter refill. You must connect to the Pitney Bowes Data Center to download postage to your meter - learn more.
  • Call us: 800.243.7800

Create a profile, and manage your postage balance, meter refill activity, and payments in one location online.



Benefits of using Purchase Power
Once activated, Purchase Power will be offered as a payment option when making a purchase with Pitney Bowes.

  • No need to prepay - simply add postage to your meter. Pitney Bowes will advance the funds to the USPS® on your behalf and send you a bill afterwards.
  • Consolidate other expenses to this account such as shipping charges (UPS, FedEx, etc.), Pitney Bowes supplies, permit mail postage, and more.
  • Customized reporting using Total Postage Management, our online interface featuring postage account balances, payments, and transaction information. Learn more.
  • Receive one monthly statement with details of each transaction. Choose to pay the full balance, or minimum amount due.
  •  Earn Purchase Power Rewards points for every dollar spent.



Viewing and printing your statement

Learn how to view and print your Purchase Power statement.




Making payments, avoiding late fees and charges

  • Learn how to pay your Purchase Power statement. Note: Because Purchase Power is a line of credit, we do not accept credit cards.
  • Late fees will apply if the minimum payment is not posted to the account by the Payment Due Date. TIP: Allow two business days processing time for payments made online.
  • Learn about the meter postage overage fee.
  • A finance charge will be assessed for maintaining an outstanding balance on Purchase Power account(s). You can avoid this charge by paying the balance in full by the due date displayed on your monthly statement.




Purchase Power Rewards
You can redeem Purchase Power Rewards points for free postage and supplies from Pitney Bowes in the form of a credit on your account. Earn one point for every $1 spent on postage*, supplies and equipment. You can also redeem points for shipping, gift cards, or merchandise items. All you need to do is sign up.

Tip Note: Your Pitney Bowes account login will not work on the Purchase Power rewards website. Learn more at the Register on the Purchase Power®  Rewards page.

Learn how to view your Purchase Power Rewards Points balance online using your account.

*The Rewards program is capped at earning 5,000 points per year on postage.

You can choose to upgrade Enhanced Rewards to take advantage of money saving discounts and earn more points. Earn up to 20,000 points each year on meter postage – and unlimited points on permit postage and shipping. Note: There is an annual Enhanced Rewards fee associated with this upgrade, which allows you to earn additional Rewards points.





Getting a refund or credit
View how to request a refund for unused postage or a Purchase Power credit.

You can return supplies acquired using Purchase Power for credit to your account.



Requesting a credit limit increase
Significant purchases may require additional credit. You can request an increase to your Purchase Power credit limit online.



Purchase Power protection for a Reserve Account
You can use a Reserve Account to transfer funds to pay for postage. If you refill postage and you need more funds in your Reserve Account, the amount will be added to your Purchase Power statement (fees may apply).