Guidelines for AEM Components

Explore a library of components designed to create impactful marketing pages.

Tiles Module

The versatile Tiles Component enables the expansion of benefits or features, enhancing clarity and comprehension of a product or service.


Explore the benefits of USPS

Stop waiting and start shipping and mailing. You can dodge post office lines and post office prices when you manage your USPS account with Pitney Bowes shipping and mailing systems or shipping software. USPS account holders get many of the same services and discounts that you might only expect from a private shipping carrier, plus the added confidence that comes with mailbox delivery.
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Get USPS shipping savings of up to 89%

As a partner in USPS Connect eCommerce program, Pitney Bowes offers prices below already discounted Commercial Pricing shipping rates saving up to 89% off retail post office rates with PitneyShip® software solutions.
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Print discounted USPS labels

Using PitneyShip software, you can print discount USPS shipping labels and postage stamps from anywhere using your own printer or with the PitneyShip Cube.
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USPS delivery speed options

Priority Mail delivers in 1-3 days. Ground AdvantageTM 2-5 days. When you need to move fast, Priority Mail Express® is the fastest USPS shipping option for next-day delivery to most U.S. addresses and PO Boxes.
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Free package pickup

You can schedule a pickup for free in most ZIP Code areas. Your letter carrier will retrieve eligible pieces** as part of their regular mail delivery route.
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USPS package tracking

Follow your packages to their destination with free USPS Tracking®. Get all the shipment details, including the date and time the carrier delivers the package.
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USPS international shipping

Ship around the world with USPS, which delivers more than 7 billion packages a year to more than 180 countries. Get favorable international shipping prices, and the efficiency of services such as printable online custom forms, tracking, and insurance.
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USPS surcharges

Unlike private carriers, you won’t pay a USPS surcharge for rural delivery or pickup anywhere in the United States. Every address is on a USPS mail route, which means there’s no such thing as a “designated route.”
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Signature confirmation services

For a small additional fee, you can get a signature upon delivery, identify a specific person to sign for and receive a package, or require the signature of adult (21 or over) at the recipient’s address.
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USPS Certified Mail®

A delivery service that provides proof of delivery or attempted delivery. Receive proof of delivery receipt by mail or electronically with electronic Return Receipt (eRR). Send Certified mail with eRR at a discount and have a simpler, more reliable way of keeping proof of delivery records.
*Savings based on Ground Advantage package up to 1 Cubic Ft Dimensions, 20lbs going to Zone 8.
**For domestic service, eligible pieces include Priority Mail Express®, Priority Mail® service, Priority Mail Express Open and Distribute®, First-Class Package Service-Commercial™, return items. For international service, eligible pieces include Global Express Guaranteed® service, Priority Mail Express International®. Priority Mail International®, and First-Class Package International Service® shipments.




  • Enter text for the introduction headline.
  • It is optional.

Headline Level

  • Select the element level for the headline.
    • None
    • H1
    • H2
    • H3
    • H4
    • H5
    • H6


  • Enter an introduction description.
  • It is optional.

Background Gradient

We can select the background gradient from the dropdown list for the items.

  • None
  • Blue
  • Blue to Cyan
  • Blue to Green
  • Cyan to Pink
  • Violet to Orange
  • Gray

Tile Styles

Select the style for the tiles.

  • Text Only
  • Logos
    • Dimension of the tile image :- 300 x 160.
    • Image format is PNG.
  • Icons
    • Dimension of the tile image :- 74 x 74.
    • Image format is SVG.


  • If we select the tile style as Logos then the tile item headline and body text will not visible on page only logo will be visible.


Display Layout

  • Select the number of columns for the display layout.
    • Three Columns
    • Four Columns
    • Five Columns (Logos Style Only)
    • Six Columns (Logos Style Only)
    • Seven Columns (Logos Style Only)
    • Eight Columns (Logos Style Only)

Truncation Feature

Show Message

  • Text rendered as “show more” link for hidden content if there are many contents on tile module.
  • This "show more" text will not visible on desktop view. It will visible on lower resolution devices like mobile,Ipad.

Max Items

  • It will help us to show how many items to display when content is truncated.
  • It will accept only number.


  • Note displayed at the bottom of the module across the full width.


  • Add an ID to the component to allow #hash linking.
  • It is optional.

Yes or No styles

  • No Gap ?
    • Removes the bottom margin separating modules.
  • Top Gap?
    • Adds a gap to the top of the component separating it from the top of the page or a prior component.
  • Centered Headline ?
    • Renders the intro headline centered instead of left-justified.
  • Light Text ?
    • Renders all text as white for legibility when displayed over dark backgrounds.
  • Full Width Background ?
    • Alters padding to properly render colored backgrounds.

Tile Item Component

Tile Text

  • Headline
    • Headline displayed for each tile block.
  • Headline Level
    • User can select the headline level from h1-h6 for headline.
  • Headline Body
    • Body text of the tile block.

Tile Image

  • Add an image to the tile.
    • We can add image to the tile block.
    • For Icon we can use 74 x 74 dimension and image format is SVG.
    • For Logos we can use 300 x 160 dimension and image format is PNG.
  • Alt Text
    • Alternate text for SEO and accessibility describing the image.

Tile Link


  • Select or enter a link for the tile.
  • We can open the link on new tab of the browser by enabling the "New Tab " option.

Link Title

  • If the HREF is provided, a link title is also required.


Example 1 - Text Only ( Tile Style)

Product Features

Digital scale

Accurately weigh large flats and envelopes up to 5 pounds with the integrated, digital scale.

Access to PitneyShip™ shipping software

Print USPS shipping labels, track shipments, get cost accounting data and save even more with access to PitneyShip®, our online shipping software.

Rate changes and savings

Get automatic rate change updates and postage savings – 4¢ on every First Class letter and up to 89%* using shipping labels from PitneyShip® shipping software.

Address verification

Reduce costly address correction fees and improve your delivery success rate.

Example 2 - Logos Style ( Tile Style)

This setting allows to showcase logos of clients, partners, or brands. This is an alternative to the Logos Component:
Transport icon
Transport icon
Transport icon
Transport icon

Example 3 - Tiles with link