Helpful resources available with your online account profile

Learn the helpful resources available with your online account profile.

UPDATED: 11 June 2016

Your account has many resources to assist with your business needs. Once you register online, add your products, services, payment accounts, and customize your profile settings. Register now and explore the useful tools, including:

Manage Profile Settings & Info

Add Account(s) to Profile
When signing into your account, make sure you enter all of your payment Account Number(s). NOTEThis is to set up online billing and customize your profile with information and features related to YOUR products.  LEARN MORE.

Refer to any Pitney Bowes invoice and enter the Account Number - located at the TOP of your invoice. Examples of Account Number: 10-digit BPN (Business Partner Number); Postage by Phone®; PitneyWorks®.

View & Pay Bills Online
Once you add your account information you can easily view and pay bills by signing in online. You can also view your prior Bills Hiistory and update settings, like notifications and delivery options.

Shop for Supplies

  • Ordering made easy. By adding all products and accounts, your profile is customized to help you with ordering supplies 
  • Learn about deals and special promotions
  • Faster processing for returning items, or checking delivery status of your order

Create a Case
Create a Case for support with your account or for technical service with your products. Check the status of your open Cases online, anytime.

Tracking Mail & Parcels
This directs to Canada Post™ - enter your tracking number to check the delivery status of mail or parcels

Envelope Messages
You can develop personalized digital logos to download to your meter - for freeLearn more about creating your own envelope messages.

Address Verification
This tool helps quickly verify an address. Enter information as instructed on the page: 

  • Name or Company
  • Street (required), City (required), Province (enter this, postal code, or both), Postal Code (enter this or province or both)

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