Stepping up your mail processing game: the power of automated inserting systems

Making the switch: how to transition to Pitney Bowes' automated inserting systems

It's a scenario no business wants to face: An inaccurately addressed mailer or a sensitive statement getting delivered to the wrong recipient. The costs go beyond irate customers or violating privacy and security regulations. There are significant financial implications as well. As Lynda L. Hansen, segment marketing manager at Pitney Bowes, puts it, errors in mail processing can adversely impact operational efficiency and cost you money

The problem with mailing errors

When mailing errors occur, correcting them entails added time, material, and manpower. Even in mail centres with high-speed inserting solutions, the risk persists. Some high-speed systems lack robust tracking and precision material handling, making it harder to detect a breach. Systems may process quickly, but the actual yield, or the pieces processed accurately, may not justify the cost of labour and material. Plus, the time to reprocess can be sizable.

Striking the perfect balance

The challenge lies in finding the perfect blend of speed and accuracy. And that's where automated inserting systems from Pitney Bowes come in, offering three significant benefits to your mail operations:

1. Enhancing complex mail processing

Think of all the different kinds of mail your organisation sends to customers. From sensitive account statements to invoices to promotional material, each piece varies in volume, dimensions, intention, and destination. It's crucial to process all the mail accurately while maintaining maximum profitability and cost efficiency.

Pitney Bowes' high integrity inserting solution can make all the difference. It can process mail at variable rates of speed to maximise productivity. While other systems might need to slow down to assure accuracy, Pitney Bowes maintains integrity without compromising high productivity, allowing you to process complex jobs with multiple streams and match requirements seamlessly.

2. Boosting processing efficiency

Updating to modern inserting systems from older ones marks a significant improvement. Automated configuration ensures consistent results, eliminates human errors during setup, and simplifies changeovers to reduce downtime. Newer systems also have advanced material handling capabilities and dynamic skew detection to maintain uptime and lessen jams and other failures. Pitney Bowes inserting solutions can deliver 20% increased efficiency over traditional systems, enabling you to manage personnel better and re-allocate work resources efficiently.

3. Enhancing customer communications

An effective inserting system can also improve the quality of your customer communications. Imagine running attractive direct mail campaigns with personalised messaging and vibrant color messaging on each envelope. It's an excellent way to boost customer engagement without sacrificing operational efficiency and accuracy. Pitney Bowes solutions allow you to make each piece of mail personalised and relevant at a level of quality, accuracy, and productivity that is hard to achieve with other systems.

The solution

For an efficient mail finishing solution that delivers accuracy, speed and improved mail centre productivity, Pitney Bowes' high-speed mail inserters could be your ideal choice. They provide a cost-effective way to upgrade your mail centre rapidly and easily.

In essence, upgrading your mail processing infrastructure with automated inserting systems can significantly enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of your mail operations. It's a strategic investment that's sure to pay off in the long run.