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The Digital Mailroom

The science of compliance.

First, take the digital mailroom with its control of physical and digital mail, delivering GDPR, fully trackable in and outbound mail, scanned and redirected mail based on intelligent subject recognition.

Then add technology that can modify and improve all your print communications. It can digitise legacy print-based documents for multi-channel sending and archiving. It can avoid expensive future upgrades and maintain cast-iron security and privacy.

Conclusion? It’s measurably better for you and for your customers.

Things move faster when they are streamlined.

HPC has adopted Pitney Bowes technology to streamline invoicing “If a customer bought one item every day they would get an invoice in the post every day,” says Damien O’Grady, HPC’s IT Director. “That was neither cost-effective nor customer-friendly.”

Even casual users can meet tough deadlines without any compliance stress. Efficiency, accuracy and integrity - isn’t that what you want to be known for?

Efficiency and integrity. Delivered.

Control, upgrade and deliver mail to thousands of customers in multiple formats. Simplify and streamline the process to meet tough deadlines, challenging volumes and compliance red lines. A single machine can radically change your interactions with customers, regulators and your FD.

Digital Mailroom Solution

Find out more about how to find solutions to your mailroom challenges.