The ultimate in performance and dependability.

DA95f AddressRight® Addressing System

Rely on the DA95f AddressRight envelope printer to provide the speed and efficiency that drives your profitability. Print up to 30,000 mail pieces per hour, in spot color and grab the attention of the recipient.

The DA95f fixed head printer is a high-tech powerhouse. A breeze to set up and easy to use, the printer provides the speed you need while delivering the optimum in performance and durability.

The optional integrated Conveyor Stacker and high-output ink Dryer will pause when an error is detected, or if the printer runs out of material or when the stacker is full – giving you time to resolve a problem and get your production up and running again.Use the DA95f with our mail management software solution, Flexmail®, to help you cleanse your address list, ensure delivery to your target customer and take advantage of postal discounts.


  • Prints up to 30,000 mail pieces per-hour
  • Handles media up to 12.7mm thick allowing for increased mail piece thickness and greater flexibility
  • Supports high speed USB communications and Ethernet allowing you to share files and access information easier
  • You can perform remote diagnostics and maintenance and be aware of a low ink warnings whilst producing a mail run through the host PC
  • Light mode printing uses less ink and still produces barcodes.